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How to say Adult only wedding


I am wanting to say my wedding is adult only. What are different ways to say it nicely? I am wanting to write it on my wedding website.


Re: How to say Adult only wedding

  • You might say "adult reception to follow" on the invitation card. You could also indicate on the response cards that it is adults only by writing something like:


    _____ Adults accepting
    _____ Adults declining

    As a side note, a friend is having this type of reception and her website includes a link to Nanny Network. I would think if you need to find a babysitter/are travelling out from out of town that would be a helpful service. 

  • I just put the names of those invited. When people asked to bring their kids, I just contacted them and let them know that we weren't able to accommodate kids. I didn't get any push back after telling them politely no. Basically treat it as you would for someone that wants to bring a +1 that you didn't allot a +1 for.
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