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I need help deciding which makeup artist to use. I don't want super heavy makeup but I also don't want overly natural. I need a good medium and I cant make a decision. Any suggestions??? I am very torn


  • i am using Namoi, also she has done a ton of weddings i have been in, highly recommend!
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    I did a hair trial at Naomi's.... It was rushed, and the front looked weird, and she (the hair stylist) didn't seem interested in working with me or fixing anything... She wanted to get the hair done fast and leave! She also talked about her upcoming wedding for most of the trial. They also tried to push a make up artist on me who's pictures of her work didn't look so great (to me). I asked if there was another available and she (Naomi) said " no! Don't worry! x is wonderful! You should really book her!" The whole thing definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. Ppl on the knot have said awesome things about the salon though, so maybe my experience was an aberration?

    I went with hair and makeup with women from dana Bartone. They were amazing at the trial (really worked woth me to make me feel comfortableand happy.... Ex: move little bits of hair here and there, tried different lipsticks, etc.) and they were fantastic on the wedding day. Made me feel comfortable and pretty. My bridesmaids and mom loved them and their hair / makeup and my amazingly persnickety father loved the looks.
  • My friend had a beautiful wedding last year and she used Megan. 
    I just googled her info: in case you still looking for a make up artist.
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