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Hello there, my fiance and I are planning a wedding for either 2015 or 2016 all depending on price. We're anticipating 50 to 75 guests and would like to do the reception and ceremony in one place with the ceremony being outside. So obviously the weather needs to be warm. So here comes the tricky part our budget is only 10k... for everything. At this point I'm at my wits end have been searching for venues since last year and have found nothing that worked. So far we've looked at Camden County boathouse, lakeside Manor, Doolans Shore Club, Spring Lake Manor, centre bridge inn, Perona farms, peddlers village, and la bova grande. A dj and dance floor are a must as is alcohol. We live in eastern pa and my family lives in south jersey so somewhere between would be ideal. Any suggestions???

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  • Since you're guest list is on the smaller side what about renting a room at a restaurant you enjoy? When my fiancé and I were looking for venue's I was hoping to spend 10K but after come back to reality we ended up pushing our budget to 25k. Not something we wanted to do but our guest list is about 130 and we wanted a venue with great food and open bar. Then we had to factor in the cost for our dj and photographers plus dress and tuxedo. Things add up quickly especially when the word "wedding" is involved lol.
  • Valleybrook Country Club might be a good option for you to look into.  We have about the same size and budget and we booked a brunch wedding.  Tracey is awesome to work with so far! 
  • Yea... I've come to realize that. We've looked at restaurants but none would allow a dj. And unfortunately I just don't have funds like that. The problem is I never anticipated having to pay for my own wedding. My father makes 6 figures and I thought it would be taken care of. However after 3 years of being engaged I've come to realize his girlfriend's wants and needs supercede my wedding.
  • Looked at another venue last night Marsha Brown's. Everything went well until the price that s had quoted me for an evening wedding suddenly was only for a day time one and we had to be out by 4.... Any other ideas ladies? I started thinking about doing our wedding at a park but not quite sure how that works any suggestions?
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    Try Villari's Lakeside in Sicklerville, Maggianos in Cherry Hill, Filomena's Lakeside in Deptford, Adelphia's in Deptford, Moorestown Community Center in Moorestown, Gibson House in Evesham Twp, and Haddon Fortnightly in Haddonfield.  The last 3 you will need to get your own caterer.

    You should be prepared to potentially alter your plans if you cannot find a place to accommodate your reception.  As long as you hosts your guests properly, you can have a very lovely wedding without having a huge 5 hour blowout reception.  If you have a later ceremony, around 8 PM, you can just host desserts and appetizers.  You can still have a DJ and alcohol, you just wouldn't be providing a full meal.  You can also have an afternoon wedding with cake and punch, ceremony starts around 1 PM.  You just need to properly host your guests for the time.  Having the reception over a meal time, then you need to provide a full meal.  Sunday brunch weddings can also be a cost saving option.

  • Scotland Run in Williamstown, NJ would be good.  They have a beautiful outside ceremony area and great prices.  I will be having a lunch wedding there next week.
  • Have you checked out Harbor Pines in Egg Harbor Township, NJ?  It may be a bit out of your way, but they are definitely within your budget range, have food/bar services, and can host the ceremony and reception in the same place.  We are getting married there in September 2015 and so far they have been amazingly accommodating, especially with budget concerns.

    Good luck!
  • Try branches in west long branch.its very beautiful.we just booked with them for July 2016 and I feel their prices are reasonable for what they offer.they have a great waterfall garden you can get married in as well.
  • It might be a littler farther, but have you looked into Pat's 30 acres?
  • Blue Heron Pines in Egg Harbor City would be perfect. 
    Doolons Shore Club is gorgeous and their ceremony location inside looks like a greenhouse! It's really pretty. 
    Scotland run is soooo pretty for pictures! It's like you're in a different state all together!
    With a small guest list you can pretty much go anywhere,  you just need to watch your budget on things like alcohol. 
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