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I am looking for a photographer  and a great florist in Chicago. Looking for a florist that does not have a minimum. Any recommendations would be great.

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    My daughter used Blumgarten (they are on S. Halsted) for flowers. We loved their work (got so many compliments). DD didn't have specific flowers she wanted to use or an exact idea  of what she wanted. She just had an idea of the look she was going for overall. They did a great job going with what she told them. The photographer we used was Beth Laurren. She has a Facebook page BethLaurren Photography. She did their engagement pics which were fabulous. We should be getting wedding pics back next week. She was very personable. They said she was very easy to work with during the day. Good luck with your planning.

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    We loved Justin Runquist! Not only wonderful photos, but he's a pleasure to work with and a great value. We felt we got a good deal, considering how pricey photogs can be.
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    My son and DIL used this couple for their photography, and they were fantastic!

    My daughter used Kim Dunlap for her flowers and I can not say enough good things about her pricing and work!
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    Since you said you want a florist without a minimum, what about Mariano's (yes, the grocery store)? They did the bouquets for my friend's wedding (9 BMs, 8 GMs) and they were just gorgeous. The cost was far lower than your traditional florist. 

  • Heidi at The Wishing Well did my wedding and I could not have been happier with the flowers, her service, how friendly she was, etc. A friend ended up using her for bouquets only (wasn't doing traditional centerpieces) and was happy as well. 
  • Thank you i will check them out.
  • Bunches in Lincoln Park.

    We had a small budget and they were great working within that budget without giving up the look we wanted.
  • I used Westgate Flowers.  They don't have a minimum.  I also had a consultation with Flora, which also has no minimum.
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