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Cabin wedding - NOT "rustic"!

My fiancé and I are planning to get married at Skyland Resort in Shenandoah National Park (we still need to go look at the venue, it's technically a "destination wedding" as we're almost 400 miles away).
I'm not really a fan of the whole rustic or country look (I'm a NJ girl who spends a lot of time at the beach, not too country here!) but I feel like it's going to be tough to avoid that, getting married in a cabin. Anyone have pictures of a similar reception space or some good ideas?
Thanks in advanced!

Re: Cabin wedding - NOT "rustic"!

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    Yeah, I don't understand choosing a venue like this if you don't want a rustic wedding. 
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  • JediElizabethJediElizabeth member
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    Was there a price consideration in this? Have you already put down your deposit?

    Looking at the venue, I think you can get something more like we have here in NJ, but it almost seems like it would be more money than finding another venue. If allowed by the venue, I'd look into hanging white drapes from the ceiling to cover some of the exposed wood, along with what @RlovesR suggested. Like this, or even this.

    It's still rustic, but much less so than all the exposed wood.

    I'd also avoid fairy lights. Instead, look into a lot of uplighting, especially if you can do the hangings. Between white fabric and a very good lighting professional, you can change the whole feel of the room.

  • I'm okay with exposed wood and being in a cabin. It's a national park, we're kind of expecting a bit of a "southern" feel.
    But I think burlap, drinking out of mason jars, a cake that looks like a tree, etc. are all terribly tacky. We're actually doing a bit of a "summer camp" kind of feel but we're still stuck on centerpieces, stuff for the fireplace mantel...And at the same time, I don't want a typical NJ wedding in a ballroom. I think that's almost as overdone as having mason jars.

    We're picking this venue because it's significantly cheaper than NJ, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking, we LOVE hiking in the park (I spent my summers in the valley with my grandparents), and my grandparents don't travel anymore so we need to stay in Luray for a wedding.

    Thanks @JediElizabeth and @RlovesR for giving helpful answers! :)
  • You certainly don't have to have mason jars and burlap. The centerpieces can be whatever you choose. What about simple glass vases with fresh seasonal flowers?
  • holyguacamole79holyguacamole79 a taco truck in Houston member
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    Have you talked to the event planner at the venue? Looking at pics on their site, the weddings look beautiful!
  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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    Unless you have an unlimited budget often  fighting a vibe actually draws more attention to something than actually hiding whatever you are trying to hide.

    I would say stay away from burlap, mason jars and wood accents you should be fine.

    I work at a club in the mountains.   I've only seen one wedding with burlap, none with mason jars.  The location IS rustic, people don't fight it.  They just compliment the surroundings.  Some people go with the wood, large branches CP.  Most of the weddings however,  have CP that are similar to what you see anywhere else in the US. Plain glass square vases with pretty flowers.  Candles (which would look nice on the mantel).

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  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
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    Wildflowers, wildflowers, and more wildflowers in simple vases for your centerpieces. 

  • If the room you are using is the one with the timbered roof and the stone fireplace, it's a gorgeous room!  I'd go with candles on the mantle and as thisismynicname suggested, seasonal flowers or wild flowers. 
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