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Import of Excel list

I have tried several times to import our guest list using the template headers on theknot.com. Each time it says I will be emailed when it is uploaded, but it never uploads. Any idea what the problem is.

Re: Import of Excel list

  • I have the same issue.  My list was completely messed up during the "conversion" so I expect to be able to import the correct list.  This is extremely frustrating.
  • I've also been unable to import the csv file.  I've tried several times including sending an email to Support, but received no response. I may have to use another site in lieu of this not working.  I keep bumping into comments about a transition from their older Guest List Manager and the new one (which I believe I'm using).  Anyway, there appears to be limited visibility into the problem from the client side.  There may be more to this than a technical issue.
  • KnotHollyKnotHolly New York, NY admin
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    Hi there,

    I am sorry to hear you're experiencing this.

    Please be sure that all first and last names are both entered in the correct spaces. Leaving a blank space for either the first or last name will cause errors when uploading your guest list.   

    The following is an example of a correct entry that will upload:

    The following is an example of an incorrect entry that will not upload:

    Also, please leave the columns in the order displayed when you download the template. Rearranging the columns on the template will cause errors when uploading your guest list.   

    If you are still experiencing issues, please let me know and I will reach out directly to our tech team so we can investigate further. 

    Thank you! 
  • Thanks, that seemed to fix it.  There should absolutely be some confirmation when it DOES NOT work, otherwise how are we to know what's going on?  After one import partially succeeded, I had to go through every contact figuring out which ones did not succeed.  That is another thing that should be given: which people were not imported.

    The reason some of them did not import is they had the same first/last names even though they were in different parties. This is a very valid situation and should not cause issues as long as they're in different parties.
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