BBQ Catering Suggestions?

Has anyone had a good experience with any BBQ Catering vendors? Please name them so I can check them out. Thanks!

Re: BBQ Catering Suggestions?

  • I checked out Blackstrap BBQ in Winthrop for my wedding (their catering division was called Tastyplates).  We live nearby so we know their food is awesome, which is why we looked into using them.  The coordinator was great, super nice, very accommodating, and their prices were reasonable.  We ended up going with a different caterer (non-BBQ) for varied reasons, but I would definitely recommend checking them out.

    Blue Ribbon in Arlington and Redbones in Somerville are also amazing BBQ spots that I would highly recommend checking out.  No direct experience with their catering (though I've only heard great things), but their food is amazing.

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