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How to Officially Announce Engagement?

I ask this for my brother, who has recently gotten engaged. Personally, I plan to visit/call everyone I care about to personally tell them the news after my FH offically proposes, but my brother is in his own situation, I suppose. He proposed a couple weeks ago, and called me today to ask how he could announce his engagement to everyone. He said, "Everyone's just kind of talking about it..." and seemed to feel that they didn't know.

He started off by asking me how he could "send something online to announce it." He has a newspaper announcement arranged, and he and his FI told my mother's side of the family at a gathering specifically to make the announcement. I understand his dilemma a bit, as his FI and her family are from Korea and he has a *lot* of contacts that perhaps he feels overwhelmed about telling. I can tell he's not considering posting anything significant on Facebook to help solidify the news. He and his girlfriend were talking so much about getting engaged beforehand that perhaps he feels compelled to make sure everyone knows it's happening now.

What would your advice be?

Instinctively I tried to suggest that sending an announcement by mail or by email, as he seemed to be considering, wasn't as traditional now, as if I'm not mistaken, you shouldn't send an announcement to someone who isn't invited to the wedding, correct? I mentioned making a wedding website might be a comfortable alternative, and that he can send out save-the-dates when they know more about their wedding details. Is he right to feel he needs to make another announcement if the majority don't seem to know?

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Re: How to Officially Announce Engagement?

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    I don't understand why this is such a problem. Why don't they just call her immediate family and tell them? How many people does he feel need this "announced" to them in some sort of grand way?
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • We told some relatives in person, those we wouldn't be seeing in the next few days we called. We also called some of our closest friends. After about 2-3 days we had told everybody we wanted to tell ourselves, so we went "facebook official" to let everyone else know. Is there a reason he doesn't want to put it on facebook? It seems to be the go-to method of announcements these days.
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    An "official" announcement is only made in the newspaper.  Close relatives and family members are usually told with telephone calls.  Mailed engagement announcements are not proper. 
    I believe that you can change your status on Facebook after the announcement has been made.  My daughter simply posted a photo of her FI and herself, with her left hand prominently displaying the ring.  Their engagement didn't surprise anyone.  Most people wondered why it took FI so long to propose.  (I think he just enjoyed torturing me.  I helped him choose the ring.)
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