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I am having an outdoor wedding next May and being a vocalist myself, the music for my ceremony is very important to me.  I know hiring various musicians will be expensive and would be a challenge in regards to space due to the location where the ceremony would be held.  Has anyone ever had their DJ play the music selected for the ceremony?  Due to the short time frame between the ceremony and reception the DJ will be already set up.  For anyone who had their DJ play their ceremony music, what was your experience?  Did you provide all the tracks to them you wished to have played?  Just want to get an idea if anyone else ever went this route and what your experiences were.  Thanks!
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Re: Ceremony Music

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    We had our DJ play music for our ceremony.  I honestly can barely recall the music that was played (I was in my own little world up in the clouds), but we did supply him a list of songs that we wanted played for when the grandparents and mothers were seated, then for the processional, the song I walked down to and then the recessional.  We also told him to play some nice background music while people arrived and found their seats.

    I would just talk to your DJ and ask what he/she usually plays.  Maybe your DJ may have some ideas.

  • climbingsingleclimbingsingle NYC 'burbs member
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    We had our DJ play our ceremony music. It was only two song (processional and recessional) but it was fine and we had no problems. 

  • emmaaaemmaaa North Carolina mod
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    I actually forgot about the ceremony music! I ended up downloading instrumental music on the day of and had it play off of my computer at the back of the church. I had backgroun dmusic starting thirty minutes  before the wedding and then two songs for processionals, I forgot the recessional.

    I would ask your DJ.

  • When we got married we had someone playing recorded music for us that got messed up on how to work the boom box and I had to go over and turn the recessional song off.  It was terrible.  For our renewal we plan on a volunteer from the church who knows the system playing the recorded music.  Like you, I have picked songs with special meanings, so I want them played just right.  I think a DJ could do fine, but you might include them in the rehearsal to help insure timing as well as selection.  Good Luck!
  • A DJ may be able to get a better variety of music then a live musician. A live musican has to learn the a new piece of music. A DJ just has to download it. So a DJ can really personalize the music to your exact requests. Just have the DJ placed in a spot where they can see you entering & when you reach the end of the isle and can see when to start up for the exit. Or that there is someone who can coordinate with the DJ to cue them.
  • Ceremony music was a top priority for us. In all honesty, it was cheaper than a DJ - we booked a well known string duo (violin/cello) and paid $350 for an hour. They played as guests arrived. I could hear them as I got ready - it was extremely memorable. They had a large repertoire of pop and classical music.  

  • Did you choose the music for the duo for the ceremony or did they have a general idea for a ceremony? 
  • @Knottie1444926939 , you might want to start a new conversation about ceremony music on the boards. This is an old convo that seems to have ended.

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