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Bride thanking Best Man Gift Ideas

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Thanks ahead for your suggestions!

Re: Bride thanking Best Man Gift Ideas

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    What does he like?
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  • I think a heartfelt letter from you would mean the world to him, but if you feel you need something more, try to think about his interests.  What does he like? What does he do for a living? Is he married? Could you do something for him and his SO?
  • Why don't you and your FI get him something together? Have you asked your FI what he thinks of this idea? I only ask because I had asked a similar question about giving gifts from me to DH's (then FI's) parents because I wanted to thank them for always being so welcoming and kind to me. Well DH didn't like that idea and said that he felt like it was OUR wedding so we should be giving the gifts TOGETHER. When I asked my question on TK most people agreed with DH that it is really kind of strange to be giving a separate gift to his parents when the wedding is about US and I realized that he was right. 

    Since he is really close to both of you I recommend you give him a gift from both of you. I think it'd be okay to write him a heartfelt note but you could see if your FI wants to write anything with you too. If he is married or seeing someone I like the idea of it being for both of them as PP suggested.

    I realize it's kind of a different situation, it's his best friend, not his parents but since you compare him to being a brother to both of you I feel like it's kind of similar also.
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