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DIY shoe trim?

so I'm going to ask this here and the diy group (but you all are nicer :) ). So I was hunting for some shoes.. Our wedding colors are burnt orange and pistachio green and my dress is lace. I was looking for either orange shoes or ivory lace. however they have to be wedge or flat because I'm getting married in the grass and I don't want to put those attachments on the heel and more than likely I will have to take the heels off for the reception and I don't want the extra length of the dress all over the floor. also my FI is only about 2 inches taller than me so I don't want to be taller than him.. while looking for shoes I fell in love with this pair:
but like I said I don't want heels.. the main reason I love these shoes are because of the ruffled edge trim because it matches my dress which has strips of ruffles along with strips of lace on the skirt part:
I'm having a lot of trouble finding wedge or flats that have the ruffled edge... however I found some ruffle trim in orange:,9517,666.htm
I was wondering if there was a way that I could attach it to these shoes dyed orange:
without making them scratchy on my feet.. when completed they would look similar to this, but I'd also put the ruffle on the open toe:

Any ideas/suggestions?
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Re: DIY shoe trim?

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