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Engagement Photographer is missing

I booked and paid for a photographer about a two months ago, we are supposed to shoot on Saturday. I haven't heard anything back and I have emailed her twice about times and dates. What should I do? 

Re: Engagement Photographer is missing

  • Do you have her number? I'd try calling to get in touch with her, some people are terrible with e-mail, or maybe something happened and she is unable to check it. Does she have a partner or a parent company, or is she completely independent? There might be someone else you can get in touch with.
  • I realize this post is from a long time ago but perhaps this can help anyone else that is going through the same thing:

    Often times, photographers (especially ones that aren't very professional about the business side of things) are really bad with communication. Perhaps she will get back to you the day before the shoot- but that sounds risky, right? Did you sign any sort of contract with her? If she were a no-show you could definitely take legal action (or at least threaten, but I only recommend doing that if she doesn't show up or contact you at all). I do highly suggest that you don't use this person as your wedding photographer- you really want someone who will communicate with you and keep you in the loop about things.
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