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We are engaged!!

After two years and a half year of dating I am engaged to my best friend of 11 years!! I love my ring!!  His proposal was quite simple but perfect.  We were/ are still visiting my parents in Thailand and after an exhausting day at the beach ad shopping we crashed in my old room.  As childish as we are, in the mist of  a giggling and tickling war I kept teasing him like " so this would be a cool time to propose". Totally joking.  He gives me this funny face, gets up, tells me to come over, turn around and close my eyes.  

I feel him get down on one knee.  He turns me arond and says something along the lines of "There's nothing i want more then to spend the rest of my life with you, Will you marry me?"  Me: "Babe the ring is upside down but YESSSSS!!!

Hugs, squeals, kisses and laughter.  I bounce outside and yell "DADDDDYYY!! MOMMMYYY IM ENGAGEDDD!!"  :)  because maturity isn't our strong suit  LOL 

I love the ring, it's so me! . I never wanted diamonds but either a pink or blue sapphire.  He did amazingly. 

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