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It's been WAY too long since we've had one of these. I'm such a PW today.

Dear Parents of children who live in my school zone,

There are these totally amazing things called school buses. They come to YOU and they pick up YOUR kids. And the best part? You don't have to take your child to school and sit in a super long line of cars! How awesome is that????

No love,
Annoyed commuter


Dear vacation,

Please make these next two days fly by!!

One overworked lady


Dear H's employer,

You can tell us about that huge bonus you're going to award H annyyyyyyyyyyyyy day now.

Wife on a budget


Dear @Swazzle,

I miss you already! I hope your H's surgery was successful and quick! Pleasseeee come sneak in here soon and update us!

Your favorite Ho

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  • *******************************************************************************************

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  • Dear @minskat30 -

    Love Actually is my favorite movie in the whole world and the fact that you put that GIF up just made my entire day.

  • labro said:
    Dear @minskat30,

    Please don't beat yourself up over gaining weight - 1. you're beautiful. 2. You have a BABY INSIDE YOU!! I really don't want you to stress over the number on the scale, ever, but especially right now! I know being pregnant isn't an excuse for a free-for-all gaining weight fest, but seriously, be easier on yourself. You're not gaining weight because you're slacking, or being lazy, or anything else other than... YOU'RE A MOM. You're GROWING A HUMAN. 

    Essentially, you're a superhero. 

    And I love you,



    I love this gif and this episode @speakeasy14.  

    @futuremrshistorian - Love Actually is one of my favorite movies.  I watch it every Christmas along with White Christmas..and H rolls his eyes and just says "again!?!"
    labroLizzyTish88speakeasy14[Deleted User]
  • Omg @minskat30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAJAH!!!!!!!!!!

  • @AlPacina

    Thank you for being my rock when I wanted to murder the world yesterday!

  • Dear Raj (c/o @minskat30 ),

    I NEED to come snuggle your face!! You are so handsome!

    friends tv show funy
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    Thank you for being my rock when I wanted to murder the world yesterday!

    @speakeasy14 -

    I'd bet my tits on it.

  • @minskat30 spinclass probably rocked her right to sleep, while during yoga she was all "HEY! It's really quiet out there. HELLO??? IS ANYONE THERE?? HELLOOOOOOOOO??????" lol Also, everything @GoldenPenguin said. You are an amazing life giving force! Be kind to yourself! Revel in your awesomeness! 

    @labro we live too close to the school for them to send a bus for Bean, but far enough (a little over a 1/2 mile) that if it were crazy torrential downpour, I would give him a ride to school (or at least halfway). Maybe that's what's happening? He's usually a walker. It was drizzling this morning, and he walked. Probably without a coat. Because he's 13 and stubborn. 
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  • @beanbot2002 Nope. It's honestly a daily problem re: tons and tons of parents who drive their kids to the middle and elementary schools which are right next to each other. It just gets compounded on rainy days when apparently nobody takes the bus. Although re: walking - last spring they had a "Let's all walk to school day!" for all the people who really SHOULD be walking to school and traffic was even worse because they had cops at every corner and intersection. I used to walk to school when we were at Henderson. I had this thing called an umbrella. ;) It's probably too low tech for today's kids though. I swear, the parents in this area are BEYOND helicopter parenting level.

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    @labro LOL yeah yeah yeah there are a LOT of people who drive their kids to Elijah's school. We used to drop him off every morning the first year, but it got old, FAST. Our biggest concern was people flying down the road he has to cross (no cross walk) at 40-45 mph in a 25. I had personally witnessed many a near miss since the middle schoolers are walking to school during my morning commute. Anyhow, after the first year, we felt better about him being more aware and more responsible, and so far he isn't dead. Like I said, I only drive him if its a crazy torrential downpour. 

    ETA: I meant to say there are a LOT of people that drive now because all of the schools here have specialty programs now, so you don't necessarily go to the school in your neighborhood or have a bus that picks up in your neighborhood. Probably half of his school is parent drop off.
    "Stuart was scared, but he loved Margalo, Mommy. And there is nothing bigger than love." -The Bean
     "His farts smell like Satan's asshole mixed with a skunk's vagina. But it's okay, because I love him." -CSousa

  • minskat30 said:
    Dear Dog Walker,

    Thank you for posting daily Rajah pictures on your FB page.  Seeing this face at work makes my day.

    -Look at those freckles!!!  
    Quoting because I needed to see this face again. I LOVE YOU, RAJ!!! <3


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    labrominskat30speakeasy14[Deleted User]
  • Dear Matt

    Thank you for picking me up on your way home from work basically daily.

    grateful wife


    Dear House I'm Seeing Saturday

    Please be available when we wanna buy .... we both love you and if we had the money we'd be putting in an offer.



    Dear Angel,

    As much I love your furry face and the snuggles I get, the acupuncture is not necessary and very painful.

    I swear I will feed you, just let me wake up a minute.

    your mama
  • Dear Sunglasses Douchebag,

    Clearly you decided your time was far more important than mine, even though I had been waiting in line to put air in my tires, you saw me, and purposely aggressively pulled in ahead of me. I assume you believe women shouldn't be allowed out of the kitchen too. I was going to wish you would get a flat tire, but I felt that would be dangerous and potentially harm others, so instead I hope you poop your pants and are unable to change them right away. 

    You suck,
    Lady in the Subaru


    Dear Stone,

    You were a painful, jagged little bitch and I'm glad you're gone. Please never return.

    Good Riddance,


    Dear Coworker, 

    I'm well aware that you hate our job and think some of the work we do is pointless. However, you are in no place to complain when you don't even do the work in the first place and get called out on it by the boss. Do your job like the rest of us and then you can complain about something taking to much time to calculate. A better idea would be to find out a way to fine-tune the adjustment to save all of us work in the future if it means that much to you. 

    Quit yer bitchin'

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