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Ridley Creek Mansion - No 2017 Weddings?

Has anyone else heard Ridley creek mansion is not doing 2017 weddings? Does anyone know more about that? 

Is there somewhere in the Philadelphia area that has a similar vibe? 

I was banking on that for a sept / Oct 2017 wedding and am now stuck with what to do. Any suggestions would be huge!! 

Re: Ridley Creek Mansion - No 2017 Weddings?

  • I haven't heard anything about Ridley Creek's availability, but in terms of a similar vibe, I'd check out Oakbourne Mansion and Greystone Hall. Both are in West Chester. Merion Tribute House is also beautiful if you prefer to be closer to the city, though I think it's a bit more expensive than the other options!
  • I also haven't heard anything about Ridley Creek's availability, but you may want to check out the venues Jeffrey A Miller has to offer. They have a few venues (Adlie Manson, Lake House Inn, and some others) that would probably be the feel you are going for. All of the Jeffrey A Miller venues are truly fabulous and unique, you can't go wrong with any of them. My fiancé and I are getting married at the John James Audubon Center and Jeffrey A Miller has been so great throughout the entire process. Also, JAM handles the catering at their venues and the food is incredible. It's all farm to table fresh, they can customize your menu to give you exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking for some additional venue options definitely check JAM out (http://jamcater.com/venues). Good luck!
  • The Old Mill in Rose Valley/Media has a similar vibe as well. It has lots of stone walls and beautiful scenery. I am getting married there Sept. 2017. Conner Catering is the exclusive caterer for that venue and he has been fantastic so far. His food is outstanding and my dad is a chef so I am very picky about food. I went to a tasting at the Merion Tribute (Conner Catering is available there too) and the venue is also gorgeous. Conner Catering really works with you price wise to give you what you want in your budget.

    I have been to the Alde Mansion in Doylestown, PA - also very similar and the food was great.

    I would look on Party Space you may be able to find a venue there as well - very helpful with venues availability for the date you are looking for. September and October are VERY popular so I would definitely start looking ASAP.

  • They partnered with Peachtree & Ward Catering sometime last year, so now you have to contact the catering company for wedding info. Peachtree calls it PARQUE instead of its actual name, idk why but that annoys me.

    But anyway, it was my dream venue for a long time and I was confused when they said they weren't booking for 2017. I think they were in the process of signing a contract with Peachtree back then. Like the poster above, I decided to checked out other venues like the Old Mill and Aldie Mansion and fell in love with Aldie! It's also an elegant tudor style mansion but built with red brick instead of stone. The landscape is more manicured compared to Ridley which has a more wild look/feel to me. They also have a bigger and newer ballroom that holds 250 guests. That was one thing we were worried about with Ridley Creek, they have so much land for a huge outdoor wedding, but their ballroom was noticeably small for an indoor reception.

    Also very excited about the food from JAM Catering, we're doing a 4 hour group tasting next month! Definitely check out Aldie Mansion if you're still looking.

  • Kings Mill in Aston (Media maybe?) has a similar vibe.
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