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SOLD - thanks for looking! $200 for 6 large, wood-branch centerpieces

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TOTAL package: $200 – must pick up in mid-Sarasota County – I75 exit 195

These 6 centerpieces are natural-color, local citrus wood.  Lightly sanded and satin-finished branches are attached by screws to solid pine bases 17 x 18 inches - very sturdy and will not tip - they weigh about 15 pounds each.  They branch out to an average of 2.5-3 feet in circumference at the tops and average 45 inches high.  The plaster is reinforced with chicken wire stapled down, and they have not cracked after being moved many times.  All 6 will carefully fit together on the “deck” of a minivan and can survive a trip in a pick-up.   

The sturdy branching can hold many types of decorations and/or lighting and has a lower central area with room for a small water reservoir for fresh flowers or greenery, etc.  There were no complaints about interfering with guests’ view across the table.

This wedding had a “beach” theme, and we used these INCLUDED EXTRAS to complete the look – shells shown in photos are NOT included!

One 5-foot "log" and 4 or 5 pieces at least 2 feet long – use for bridal table and cake table, etc.

35 hand-blown glass globes about 3.5-inch diameter will hold 8-hour-size votive, (new cost $3.50 ea plus shipping.)
Approx 18 feet total of crystal chain with metal jump rings to customize your lengths
18 glass cylinders - 10-inch tall

You can see from the photos that these were used for a beach wedding and have sand over the plaster base and rope trim. Very easy to brush off loose sand and cover with moss, etc. to match your own theme - the rope is tacked with decorative tacks and is sturdy but could also be removed.
My sister and I are well experienced crafters and worked very hard on these to give a unique (and well-praised!) look to my nieces wedding in October 2014.  We hope they can be a welcome addition to your happy event and welcome any email questions. [email protected]

Re: SOLD - thanks for looking! $200 for 6 large, wood-branch centerpieces

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