Callanwolde Fine Arts Center wedding reception - HELP?

Hey everyone! So I am looking for a wedding reception venue that can hold 250-300 guests AND allows outside catering and BYOB. I came across Callanwolde and went there for a tour. Loved it! I model, so I am big on venues that have great scenery for amazing photos. BUT my fiance is concerned about there not being enough room for all of our guests in one room to have dancing in the same room. Has anyone had a big wedding reception at Callanwolde and used multiple rooms for dinner and dancing? any suggestions on similar locations?

Wedding Date: May 27, 2017

Re: Callanwolde Fine Arts Center wedding reception - HELP?

  • I have not been to a wedding there, but we had an Emory graduate school formal there with at least 250-300 guests (I would guess closer to 350) that was almost like a wedding reception :). It was really nice - we used the big hall on the backside of the main building with the large windows for dancing, there were also tables set up around the edge for people to sit down with food/drink. There were bars and food stations set up in the main foyer as well as a couple of side rooms. I thought it created a nice flow and allowed for areas that people could go to talk or mingle without being overwhelmed by the sound of the dance music. There was plenty of room for dancing and that room is really open with the high ceilings, so it didn't feel crowded at all. 

    I would agree that you probably can't fit all 250-300 people in that main hall with dancing and tables, but you could definitely create a flow to other rooms that is really nice. In my experience there, it was never too crowded in one room or another. 

    We considered Callanwolde when we were looking for venues last year, it's certainly a gorgeous place!
  • Thank you! that is helpful. What venue did you end up choosing?  
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