Bridal Party Gifts

Does anyone have recommendations on gifts for your Bridal Party? I have 7 Bridesmaids they are aged 25-27.

Please do not say "they do not need or expect gifts" or recommend jewelry.
Thank you!

Re: Bridal Party Gifts

  • It depends on your budget.  You'll get a much better response and more ideas if you post on a higher traffic board.

    The consensus on TK is to try and give as if it was their birthday, and anything they'd wear for the wedding is not a "gift," but a uniform. 

    My absolute favorite BM gift I've received was a bifold frame with one of my favorite photos of bride and me, and a sweet note on the other. 

    I'd avoid anything that a BM cannot easily carry on a plane (bottle of wine or liquor, spa products, anything super large) if you have OOT BM.

    All of my BM have to travel, so I am giving their gifts to them slightly early. I got them each something to make them more comfortable while traveling (easily packable socks or slippers, eye masks for those who would use them, a cashmere wrap to stay warm or use as a blanket), and will be giving them either an alex & ani bracelet or christmas ornament (depending on who it is) the night of the RD.  It's small, so easily transported.

  • Are any of your BM's OOT?  If so, I agree with VicTim328... they have to be able to get it home on a flight or across state lines potentially.

    What kind of budget do you have?  Are there specific shared interests they all have?  What are their favorite hobbies, interests?  Do you want to get them all the same exact thing, something similar, or each BM something unique to them? 

    If you're looking to keep things the same or similar than try to find a common interest to come up with a gift.  If you're ok with entirely different, try to find something specific to them and their interests.

    I think people might be able to offer you more constructive ideas with a just a few more details. 

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