Favor Trouble!

Hello Knotties!

I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on a favor for our wedding in June. I already plan on having bubbles bottles that resemble champagne (in place of rice/confetti after the ceremony) and sparklers for an outdoor night send off. I see a lot of people are taking the food route rather than object, so I was just curious. I was thinking maybe cookies or something, but I already have a plated desert for the wedding, plus the cake. 

Any summer friendly food favors you can think of? Any advice would be great. Thanks! :)

Re: Favor Trouble!

  • Since favors aren't required, don't feel bad if you can't think of something or don't want to add something else!  They are a nice additional thank you but aren't necessary.

    That said, is your location known for any particular food item?  For example, my hometown prides itself on its maple syrup production and (in the fall) apples.  If we'd done favors, I would have considered maple candy or maybe candy or caramel apples.  We now live in BBQ country; here, I might have given a small bottle of a local sauce or dry rub. 

    Depending on what you think would be a hit with your crowd, you could also consider wine, craft sodas, chocolates/truffles, mini-pastries, really anything.  The only thing I would consider beyond if whatever you offer would be appreciated by most guests would be if the favor is easily portable.  For example, full bottles of wine might not work if most of your guests are flying.

  • We had chocolate covered Oreos at each place setting. Just a little something to snack on if they wanted before being called for food or to take home later. 
  • I went to a wedding last summer and the favour was this lemonade flavoured candy. Went really well with their summery theme. Anything you can eat or drink is generally the best.
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