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SAMS flowers and DIY that week?

Has anyone done this? 
We are closing in on our budget and flowers and alcohol are really the last things left to pay for. Neither of us are huge flower fans, so we don't care to spend a whole lot on them or go overboard. FI wants his boutonniere to be just babys breath. My BM will have bouquets that are babys breath along with a couple other flowers for some color and to make them a little fuller. 

I was wondering if anyone has done this and been able to get it done without a huge stress and if it will save money. 

We have talked to 1 florist and she said it will be about $75 per BM bouquet (x6), $150 for mine, and $10 for each boutonniere (x5) plus flowers for our parents and for a couple other people. We are looking close to $750-800 for flowers through that florist. 

Re: SAMS flowers and DIY that week?

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    Yes it will save money, but I'm not sure that it will save you any stress. Have you priced out the cost of flowers from Sam's Club? Can you take that cost back to your florist (or other florists) and see what they can do in that price range. It seems like you just asked her how much for x number of bouts and bouquets. I'd try to go back in and say "I want to spend under $500) for example and see what she comes back with.

  • We haven't met in person, just over the phone briefly, but we are meeting with her in a couple weeks along with another florist so we can compare costs and quality of the two. 

    For just the baby's breath it will be around $60-120 depending if we get 1 or 2 orders of them. 

    Whatever is left over I am wanting to use for decorations.

    Will baby's breath hold up well outside in the summer for just the ceremony? 

    If we were to make them, I have a good friend who is helping that use to own a flower shop, she said she would be able to help us construct them and I will have at least 2-4 of my 6 bridesmaids there to help out as well. 
  • I don't know if it's something you'd like or not, but I am doing silk flower bouquets and boutonnieres as an alternative that is both less expensive/ I can have them made ahead of time and won't have to worry about last-minute stress. I know some brides really value real flowers, so it is a personal choice, but for me, I felt I would rather use the money and energy elsewhere. 

    I am mildly crafty, but didn't want to DIY too much, so I looked around for pre-made bouquets where I could add a few extra silk flowers if I wanted but had the bulk of the work done already. This website is my favorite, and is where I got my BMs and my bouquet (and they are really nice quality! Not like dollar store fake flowers), but there are a lot of sites out there to search. It's another option, at least. 

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    I got mine from a local grocery store, Kroger. I suggest asking your grocery store with a florist if they can do it. Many do bouts for prom, but purple don't think to ask about weddings.
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  • Thanks  for the tips! I live in a small town and so going to SAMs would be the same distance for me to go to kroger :/ and SAMs all deliver straight to your door. Our local grocery store doesn't really have a flower department, they only keep a couple arrangements on hand (like 2-3 at most at one time). So my only other options are to go through a florist.

    We have been talking about diy'ing silk flowers just to get it done so far in advance but I just think real ones look so much nicer. My bouquet will be real no matter what, and since FI is wanting baby breath my florist friend said you really need to go with real on them because silk ones look fake. If I have silk flowers I want them to look as real as possible. haha 

    I just don't want to be insanely stressed on that Thursday before, so I was wondering if anyone had any websites or tutorials that they followed that were super easy to follow along with. 
  • I think DIY flowers would be too much stress for me, but I see the appeal of lower cost. I'm another lover of silk. Have you looked at Real Silk (a specific brand) flowers? I have a bouquet from a wedding that I was in that looks 100% real. I've had my cleaning lady put them in water several times! I'm going with silk simply to avoid the last minute stress and the ease of keeping my bouquet for a very long time.

  • I'm not sure if I have checked out that real silk brand, but I will look into it! Thanks!! I've only looked at silk flowers at hobby lobby in person, because I am almost leery to order off online and then they look really fake.. lol 
  • Sorry, search "Real Touch" silk flowers or "Real Touch" flowers. Found several websites that have them for own DIY.
  • $120 seems excessive to me for a baby's breath bouquet - just saying...  I'd be checking with other florists and giving them a firm budget from you to start with for what you want to spend and what you need to see what you can get for the money.  If your budget is $500 for everything, say it!  Florists (and other vendors) aren't mind readers! 
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