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Venue negotiation - Halekulani

Hi Knotties, I need help! My fiance and I had decided to have a sunset wedding at Halekulani. We have saved the date but had not sign the contract yet. The problem is right now my guest list is exploding. Halekulani will still be able to accommodate all my guests but will most likely blow my budget.

I would like to hear your strategy when negotiating with your wedding venue/catering. I am getting married off season on Friday night. However, I have heard Halekulani is not negotiable. :pensive: What is your story with your vendors?

Re: Venue negotiation - Halekulani

  • I have not had any luck with vendor negotiations. I would recommend you figure out your budget and guest list first. Then you can pick a location that works for both those items. I'm not familiar with your venue, but there is probably a way to replicate the idea/theme but at a location that fits your budget and guest list.

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  • We had some limited luck with negotiations for our wedding BUT we were getting married in our home town, during the winter, at a time when most of our vendors were in their slower season.  We were able to get reduced rental fees and hourly rates because of a combination of negotiations, timing, and family connections.

    It sounds like your situation is completely different, though.  I agree with nursej that you should probably go back to the drawing board.  You need a better fit between your venue and your guest list.  If the growing guest list takes priority, it sounds like you need a new venue.  That might mean looking away from Waikiki (although, I agree the views are stunning).  It might mean having a brunch or lunch celebration.  It could also mean forgoing a sunset service for something that doesn't run into a meal time - say 10:00am, 2:00pm or 8:00pm, when you could serve lighter fare.  

    It the Halekulani is your priority, then you and your FI need to trim your guest list.  Anyone paying or contributing gets some say but it may mean negotiating to only include VIPs, people you see regularly, or another cut off.  Most wedding couples have to make cuts or revisions to their initial guest list; some also make drastic changes to their wedding ideas/vision in order to balance costs and size.

    Since you don't have a contract signed yet, you may be able to try to negotiate. You could tell your coordinator that unfortunately since starting the process your guest list has grown but that your budget is only $X.  You can ask if they can work with that and what it gets you, but given the location you are looking at, I'd be realistic about might be done.

  • Thank you ernursej and JaxInBlue. FI and I fall in love with the view at Halekulani. We will revisit our guest list and try to see if Halekulani can help in anyway. Hopefully they understand and since it is weekday off season, they will be willing to work with us. Thanks girls! 
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