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Wedding Woes


Guten morgen, y'all.  What's up?

Wooz was livid this morning because she outgrew her favorite pair of pants.  I need to take her shopping, I think.  But I hate shopping.  I long for the days when I could just order her stuff online, but she's past the age where she just wears whatever she finds in her closet.  (She's always been picky, but we had a stretch where I knew if it was pink, purple, and/or turquoise and had any amount of shimmer or sparkle, she would wear it.  Now her tastes are more specific and harder to divine.)  Maybe we'll do a stereotypical girls day soon:  DS and DH can stay home, I'll take her shopping and then out for pedis at the nice spa where you can get lunch and everything.  That's right up her alley. 

DS, meanwhile, is doing awesome.  The curriculum coordinator pulled me aside at pickup yesterday to say that she's doing his class's evaluations right now and he breezed through his.  And he's funny!  And sweet.  He's like a short DH with a lot more hair. 

Everyone is registered for Space Camp.  DH and Wooz are going, along with FIL and BIL's not-so-secret daughter who he still pretends doesn't exist.  Which is still so weird.  He had the nerve to tell DH that he's not sure she's even his, even though it's obvious to anyone who has seen them.  Anyway, Wooz is intrigued to meet her cousin.

Still raining here. 

Re: Wednesday!

  • mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    edited February 2016
    The weather is so shitty.    It's raining here, but it's supposed to switch to snow eventually.  It's windy, so the rain was whipping around a lot at drop off.  I got soaked in the 30 secs it took me to walk to and from the car. 

    DH and the kiddo had cereal at 9pm last night and left a whole gallon of milk out all night.  Thanks guys. 

    I don't think we're going to get our kid-free time this weekend.  Womp, womp.  
  • I am so glad both DDs love whatever clothes I buy them.  It makes it so much easier to catch deals when I know they'll wear what I buy.  Speaking of clothes, I need to buy them more leggings.  All of a sudden they've each got 2-3 pairs with holes in the knees.

    I am getting a haircut in a couple hours.  Nothing special, just getting rid of gross-looking ends so my hair will curl right.  I am looking forward to being able to wear it down again.

  • This has not been a good day so far.  Our neighbors woke me up with screamo music as an alarm clock at 5:30 or so that they didn't shut off till 6:15 after we pounded on the wall.  I'm finally taking this to the rental company, since we've had noise issues with them literally since the day they moved in.  

    Hopefully the rest of the day will go better.  DD has her 6 month appointment, so I'm excited to see how much she's grown and hopeful the doctor will have some advice on night feedings.  She still eats every 1.5-3 hours round the clock, but otherwise is awesome at putting herself back to sleep.  Not so excited about the shots, but she does ok with them.  

    I plan to nap as much as possible and then make shepherd's pie for dinner.
  • I don't want to adult today.  No reason in particular; I just need a break.  I have a 3 day weekend this week and next, so hopefully that helps.  I'm getting my new car/renter's insurance set up and hopefully scheduling a haircut appointing so my hair will look nice for my party on Friday.  My dress should be here today too.  I have my first big Pride committee meeting tonight.  I'm rather nervous, but I think everything will go okay. I'm crossing my fingers.
  • I'm super exhausted today. It's cold and rainy, and over a week of not sleeping well is finally catching up with me. Not to mention that it's Wednesday, and the morning commute always sucks on Wednesdays. I just want to go home and go to bed. God I sound like Eeyore today lol.

    On the plus side, the coffee shop near my house had butterscotch coffee this morning. 
  • Got up exercised, got ready, have bread rising, and dinner in the crockpot.  The weather is perfectly crappy for pot roast and homemade bread.  I have a little bit of work and I have to prep for class tonight.

    I keep thinking it's Tuesday.
  • thefanciestbecklerthefanciestbeckler Chattanooga, TN member
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    Rain, rain go away. It's raining here too. It poured all night long which made for great sleeping, but now I can't seem to get woken up.

    Got our tax refund today. Glory hallelujah! Now I can pay off some debt and hopefully free up some of our income that's been tied up in monthly payments. You know you are officially an adult when that is the most exciting thing that has happened in weeks.

  • @sparklepants41 I'll join you on the rainy, exhausted Eeyore bus.

    Hooray for butterscotch!  You've inspired me to make hot chocolate.
  • @6fsn you are making me more tired!  :smile: 
  • There were lots of tornadoes in lower SE Louisiana yesterday.  Lots of schools were closed for the day and NOLA closed schools at noon.  It made going out for lunch extra congested, but my rush hour ride home was almost like a holiday, traffic-wise.

    Super windy again today, but at least with no rain.

    No errands to run after work.  A rarity.  So I'm a happy camper today.

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  • @sparklepants41 I'll join you on the rainy, exhausted Eeyore bus.

    Hooray for butterscotch!  You've inspired me to make hot chocolate.

    __Oh, Bother. I'm Stuck In the Box_______

    This gif made me laugh - thanks for that! 

    Glad I could inspire you; hot chocolate actually sounds really good right about now.
  • we got a phone call that school is getting out 2 hours early, the roads are already a mess.

    It's the Mr's birthday, but the weather put a wrench in our plans
  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    It's just dreary here, but I hear tell that we're supposed to have a 'wintery mix' tonight, and that's always fun, especially because I'll be out late at a concert with the wee baby man.

  • ChelleJayneChelleJayne member
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    edited February 2016

    I've had a sinus headache behind my left eye for 2 days now. It hurts to look up or to the right :( My left eye is kind of swollen and I feel like I'm in a bubble and it sucks monkey balls.

    The past 2 days were really windy here. Today we don't have wind, but it is considerably cooler. I think the high today is like 72, but tomorrow it should be 82 :)

    I made Chicken Curry with Zucchini Noodles last night, it was amazing. I still haven't posted pictures of my dress because TK and my phone aren't friends apparently. I can't sign on to the boards from my phone :(

    ETA: If someone calls me "Charlie" on the phone again, I'm going to flip my shit. How hard is it to listen to people say their name on the phone?! Ok, so I'm irritable today. Fuck it.

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  • Count me in for rainy and windy weather. Although not nearly as bad as the gulf states are getting it. Hope all you ladies are safe. 

    The dog is looking at me like he holds me personally responsible for the weather and that its my fault he has to go to the bathroom in the rain. 
  • Count me in for rainy and windy weather. Although not nearly as bad as the gulf states are getting it. Hope all you ladies are safe. 

    The dog is looking at me like he holds me personally responsible for the weather and that its my fault he has to go to the bathroom in the rain. 
    My dogs do the same! They going outside in anything but perfect weather. We are expecting a snow storm tonight so they won't be happy tomorrow and it's raining all day today before the temps drop.
  • DD's weight caught up enough to her height that we can start encouraging her to sleep through the night!!  Thank God, I was getting to my limit.  
  • princessleia22princessleia22 Oceanfront Property in Arizona member
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    edited February 2016
    Grrr... they are listing our office building for sale and/or lease.  Realtor was here this morning taking photos of the exterior.  He went through and opened all the window sun shades in the building.  Well, the one by my desk broke & fell off when he went to put them back down.  These sun shades are expensive and they discontinued the color we have, so we can't reorder the same one anyway.  We have 24 windows in this space with matching blinds, so now we may need to have one of those mismatching in color.   For an architecture office, I'm not sure that is the image we want to portray. He claims to know a guy that may be able to repair it, so hopefully that's true. But, in the meantime, I'm stuck with sunlight blaring in on my computer screen.

    ETA: My desk & window is right next to the front entrance to our building.  We have a doctor office in the building that gets regular customers all day. I am finding myself feeling really uncomfortably exposed with my back to an unscreened window and people walking in constantly.  Usually the blinds make it so you can't really see in, but now I just feel like I'm being watched. 


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