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Chapel of the Flowers reception options

Has anyone used CotF for their reception as well? I'm trying to figure out our reception without having any idea how many people are coming. Inviting 50, but am pretty sure some won't make it. The places I've been in touch with have been mostly great but good and drink minimums make me nervous if not everybody is coming. 

I will have to call my coordinator and get more info, just wondering if anyone used them and how it was.

Re: Chapel of the Flowers reception options

  • They don't have much space available for receptions, so if you're envisioning more than a half-hour of cake and a champagne toast, you may need to look to a different venue.  If most of your guests are traveling, you may have a decent guess as to numbers 6-8 weeks out.  If so, you might still be able to book a restaurant at that point, which might work well for a group that size. 
  • A reception there would make me nervous from a photography standpoint.  They are very string about photography during ceremonies and using their photog, and everything is super expensive if you go beyond the basics.  They may be strict on the reception side too, so it's worth investigating, since a lot of pics are often taken at a reception.

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  • From what I've read, the receptions are at restaurants that CotF work with. The website offers package prices, but I would assume any photography would be based on the venue. 

    If we just have dinner then I don't anticipate much photography. Weighing my options and trying to find a place that does an actual reception instead of just a dinner. Also looking at Wellington Place. 

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