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Places to eat and visit Negril, Jamaica

Well, I feel like a putz starting a new thread as there are two relatively recent threads on Jamaica. But those were pretty specific to the OPs and this maybe is too. 

H and I are going to a DW in a few weeks in Negril, Jamaica. We are staying at a tiny resort on the cliffs. It is not an all inclusive but there is one restaurant and bar on the property (Ivan's). Our resort also looks to be about 3 miles from Rick's which is another restaurant on the cliffs in Negril. We are going for 5 nights so I figure we will want some variety. 

Anyone have tips on eating out and activities in Negril? I have looked on the internets and I'm sure the couple will have some recommendations but I figured many of you have honeymooned/traveled to the area. 

Re: Places to eat and visit Negril, Jamaica

  • Bob Marley Bar Crawl. It has nothing to do with bob marley but we have been twice, seen different bars and always had a great time. Its during the day and we always felt safe *full disclosure, little kids do bug you to buy bracelets... the second time i went we immediately bought 2 so the rest of the trip we didn't have to deal with is as much. (realize this makes me sound like a bitch but...)

    You will go from super local places (both times we started off at the justice of the peace's home where she sells regular drinks and homemade rum punch, gives away conch fritters) to regular bars where locals hang out, to where resort owners/celebs hang out... we had drinks in the caves where pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. Absoltluy gorgeous and fun- one time there was a pregnant woman who still had a great time even though she couldn't drink... you just have to think of it as a party! I will say the bus gets a little crowded but maybe if you have a big enough group you could reserve it for just your group?

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