Wedding Woes

oh crap. tomorrow is the day....

i know that i have everything done, but i swear i feel like i'm missing something. i have been so stressed this week i know i've been such a nightmare to everybody. 

i'm just SO ready for it to be over. 

....... i mean, i'm totally excited about getting married. we've got a really short ceremony, nobody is walkin' in but me and that's to the imperial march (woot), tables are set up (plastic plates and red solo cups cuz CLASSY), the band is confirmed (yay for hillbilly casino) and the bar is ready to go.
i have my dress, i'm 98% sure it fits, i've got my shoes, and a lady is coming to make my hair all pretty.
mom's got our rings and the license, the man has his tux in the back of the car so that's all set.  

like, we're in a good place.  but i feel like i'm forgetting something and really if i could just skip it, i kind of feel like i would. i wouldn't, not really, but OMG I NEED A NAP.

...... i sound like a crazy person. i feel like a crazy person.   work today should be fun. 
.... excuse me while i go get those pesky kids off my lawn. ;)


Re: oh crap. tomorrow is the day....

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