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Nevada-Las Vegas

Vegas under 5K

Is it possible to plan a Vegas wedding for under 5K? We haven't set a date yet, but I am trying to get some ideas together and budget. For this wedding there will be most likely less then 25 guests, no more then 30. I'm not wanting a huge extravagant decorated wedding, just simplicity. A nice ceremony, and dinner with my guests. I also thought a morning ceremony, with a sit down lunch would be much more affordable. And then splurge for a good photographer to meet with in the afternoon after our lunch to take some photos on the strip at different areas. But I'm nervous it isn't possible to plan all of this for a budget of 5k. This isn't including attire into the budget either that will be separate. Please offer any locations you think would be affordable :)

Re: Vegas under 5K

  • Isit 5k in dollars or pounds? I am getting married at the garden chapel at flamingo, having Bentley and Wilson for photos, double decker bus and dinner at trevi for nearly £5000 so it is do able
  • It doesn't include attire but does it include invites, hotel/airfare, anything other then venue, officiant, meal, tax and gratuity? It can be done. You can get married for $99 (i think I saw that) the packages ice seen for ceremonies have been pretty reasonable, you just have to know what you want ( I didn't want 1000 little things so we are going to Chapel of the flowers, but you have to use their photographers).

  • If it's under 25 people, you might try an insuite ceremony.  That folds the ceremony cost into the accommodation cost and might be a good savings.  Lunch will likely be cheaper, just depends on what kind of arrangements you want to make.  I think it's doable, but it will require more personalized planning, and less pick a package and go type planning.
  • It is is US dollars, I should've added that sorry. And not attire, just hotel/airfare (we can get a good deal on airfare using his mileage points, he travels all the time with united and can usually get free flights). So I am not to worried about that. I did find the wedding wagon for 129, and they said they can do weddings anywhere I choose, so an in suite wedding or a sign wedding is very possible. I definitely feel confident after researching last night. I'm not wanting a chapel wedding, although if anything to save money we could just invite our parents, and then go to a chapel that would do live streaming so our families and friends could stream it online. Definitely planning an early wedding with lunch afterwards. 
  • So many places do live streaming. I wish venues outside of Las Vegas did that.

  • We are trying to get our wedding in under 5K as well.  It's definitely overwhelming and a challenge but I feel reassured after booking the MGM Terrace Suite.  We are planning on 30-40 guests and are going to try our best to keep it simple.   Just the hotel alone is eating up the majority of our budget but it's better than paying for a separate venue fee!
  • Are you doing the ceremony in the suite as well as reception? I really am interested in the wedding wagon, the price was on point for 129. And they take photos as well, plus I'm wanting to hire someone to take some of us on the strip after the reception is over. 
  • It's definitely doable! If you do the wedding wagon at 129, a suite can average between $450-$700 (moderate suite), get a heavy app catered for around $1200, photographer for under 1k and then your alcohol. I think it's totally a possibility! I'm probably missing something but I think you could make it work lol
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  • I sure hope it's doable b/c I want to spend as little as possible!  I can't believe how with ALL the wedding competition in Vegas the prices aren't better for trying to "win" more wedding business.  Some prices are craaaaazzzy!
  • It's definitely doable.

    We're doing in-suite at the MGM Grand (Skyline Terrace brides, holla!) for approximately 30 guests. Our entire budget is about $11K, which includes Sunday to Friday in Vegas, Friday to the following Monday (over a week) in Orlando (Disney World), and ALL of our food, air fare, transport and attire. The wedding part itself that I have budgeted, including dress, tux, rings, taxes, and tips, is probably around the ~4.5k mark.

    If you'd like, send me a message and I can send you my budget!
  • Yes please send me a message, I'd love to know what the total breakdown is in your budget. I am definitely wanting a vegas ceremony :)
  • Just wanted to bump this up and say that I got married at the MGM Suite and it was all about 5k - including the dress. I had about 25 people but budgeted for 30. 

    Here's a rough breakdown for my costs:
    Suite - $1000 for 2 nights
    Dress - $500 (including alterations)
    Photographer - $1000
    Food - $1000 (Includes day before food too)
    DOC - $300
    Alcohol - $500
    Misc - $500

    Here's a full review of all the vendors I used: http://forums.theknot.com/discussion/1066908/10-5-15-review-mgm-balcony-terrace-bently-wilson-sauced-harmony-faith-doc-and-more

  • My budget was $5,000 and we were able to stay within that for about 30 people. I'll give a rough break down.

    Ceremony at The Flamingo Gazebo - $1200. You can do a ceremony for a lot less than this. I added on some outside vendors and upgraded the flowers. 

    Bus for guest transportation to the reception - $100

    Limo for bride and groom to the reception - $70

    Reception at Ri Ra Irish Pub at Mandalay Bay - $2,200. This was total including 3 course dinner, alcohol, tax, and gratuity. 

    Bentley and Wilson photography for 4 hours - $650. 

    If if I include hair, groom's suit, etc. it gets closer to $5,000. With hotel and travel costs probably closer to $6,000, but we stayed a week so I count part of it as wedding cost and part honeymoon. 

    I personally didn't want to do in suite, because I just wanted to go somewhere that everything was set up and leave at the end of the night. Ri Ra was a great venue to work with. 
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