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Nevada-Las Vegas


For all you destination brides... Are the majority of you guys honeymooning in Vegas? We can't decide whether or not just to remain there for the week or fly/drive to another destination with all the leftover wedding stuff, etc. We'll at least have to go to a similar climate to avoid excess baggage. This is harder logistically than a honeymoon should be! Lol Help!

Re: Honeymooning?

  • We stayed a few days after all of our family left.
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  • We only stayed until the Tuesday following our Saturday wedding.

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  • We are getting married on Wednesday and staying until the Sunday then flying to Los Angeles spending a few days there, driving up route 1 over a few days to San Fran and then spending a few days there before flying home.
  • We're doing Disney a couple days after. The debate is still Disneyland vs. Disneyworld. :)
  • We arrived Wednesday night, got married on Saturday, and left Tuesday midday. 
  • Our plan is to come in Friday, wedding Sunday, then stay until the Friday after.
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    We're travelling from Ireland, arriving in Vegas on Saturday, getting married on Thursday. On the following Saturday, were then flying to Miami for a cruise of the Caribbean for a week, three nights in Miami, then home to Ireland. Our parents are flying home from Vegas so we're gonna make them bring all the decor (that we wanna keep) and wedding attire home !!
  • We're arriving in LV on a Wednesday, married Saturday, leave for Cancun Monday.
  • So far we are staying, but will be driving there and back and taking somecroad trips. We should be there a week or so.

  • We are flying in from Alaska on Tuesday, wedding on Wednesday, then leaving Thursday for a tour of the National Parks--Zion, Bryce, Arches, Cedar Brakes, etc.  Then back to Vegas for 2 days and return home.  We already had the trip planned and then decided just a few weeks ago to "throw in" the wedding at the beginning of the trip.
  • We are arriving in Vegas on Monday and we get married on the Friday. We are leaving on Sunday and going to Disneyland for a few days before going home. Both of our favorite places!
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  • We are arriving on Wednesday, wedding is on Saturday, and we are leaving Monday. We are flying straight from Vegas to our honeymoon in London, and will stay there until the following Monday. Since we live in Arizona, we are able to drive to Vegas rather than fly, and will pack two separate sets of luggage since the weather will be totally different in the two locations. My FMIL lives in the same city as us, so she will take home our Vegas luggage and anything else we don't need for London. 
  • I love London so much stuff to do there. We have been loads and still manage to find something different to do every time. Check out speakers corner in Hyde Park, it's so interesting to see some of the debates that go on there. Your right about the weather though ;) 
  • Thanks for the tip! We've never been to London before, so we're super excited!
  • Your welcome. Lots of the museums like the science museum, natural history museum, imperial war museum and Victoria and Albert museum as well as the Tate art galleries are free to visit and they are amazing. Covent Garden also has lots of cool stuff going on & a good atmosphere. You will have an awesome time. 
  • We flew in on Thursday, got married on Saturday, and stayed a week after for the honeymoon. We encouraged our friends to stay a few days to hang out and then we had a few days to ourselves. Plenty to do in Vegas and surrounding areas! Rent and car and go see the beautiful nature if you are staying a few more days. Well worth it and very inexpensive
  • We got married in Vegas in October. Flew in Friday. Got married on a Monday. Tuesday we drove to Disneyland - stayed for two nights. Friday we did LA and drove back. Saturday and part of Sunday we did Vegas and then flew home Sunday evening.
  • adverb said:
    We got married in Vegas in October. Flew in Friday. Got married on a Monday. Tuesday we drove to Disneyland - stayed for two nights. Friday we did LA and drove back. Saturday and part of Sunday we did Vegas and then flew home Sunday evening.

    I'd love to hear about your driving to and from Disney. We're talking about doing that, because the final presidential debate will be at UNLV during our planned honeymoon in Vegas. (It made midweek rates SKYROCKET!)  Was two nights in Disney enough?
  • We arrived on a Thursday, got married on Saturday and on Monday we flew to Disney World for a week and from there we drove to Miami for a further four days. It was perfect in every way :-) 
  • Hello! I was slightly incorrect - we spent three days in LA total. Two in Anaheim and one in LA.


    Two days at Disney was definitely cheaper. We're from Orlando so we could skip a lot of the stuff that was the same. If you've got limited vacation time like we did you can see a LOT in two days. We also timed it so we went to the Halloween Party in the nighttime. To us two days was plenty. We could have done three but we didn't need to. Two days was expensive enough!


    The drive was pretty low key, but honestly as stressful as the day of our wedding was, it was so NICE to have a chill drive to just enjoy some time with my new husband. Traffic wasn't too bad at all.

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