First Look in downtown New Haven/Yale area?

Hi! Anyone familiar with Yale campus or anywhere that would be nice for a first look?

Re: First Look in downtown New Haven/Yale area?

  • I had my engagement pics taken there. Here is the link to my session. clicky
    we got a little antsy/ silly toward the end. It took forever. :)
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  • @laurad75  Gorgeous photos! What exact area(s) were they taken? I am not familiar with the area at all...Thanks!
  • Thanks! New Haven green and Yale. I don't know street names. 
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  • I would recommend Wall St between College and York. The Law School is along here and the Sterling Memorial Library. The Hall of Graduate Studies is also there although it would be locked on a weekend. Another place is High st between chapel and Elm. You can access the old campus from here (it should be open as long as the university is open, which is most of the year) or you can walk down liberty walk between Branford and Jonathon Edwards Colleges. The Old campus has a variety of architecture, which could be nice. If you look the names of these places up you will be able to see them labelled on google maps. 
  • @knottie1462744122 thank you so much, that is very helpful. I'll definitely check out these sites.
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