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Facebook Invites..... Really?

Need to vent a little.... I have FB friend (we are not close, but her posts blew up my newsfeed every now and then). She is getting married in a few months and when they picked the date they did an open post on FB "who's coming to our wedding? Comment yes and how many ppl in your party" tacky but I shook my head and moved on. Then she started posting how much they were paying for everything- dress, rings, venue, and on. Then she started asking for advice on little things, I offered up some coupons I had because i don't know any other brides right now. Then I realized she was just looking for free help- people to make cake toppers, photography, centerpieces for free- because she is broke and busy- she is an itWorks rep and always posts how much money she is making. Finally the kicker- she asked people over FB (public post) to send them money in advance for their plate. Wait....people have to buy their own food?! I face palmed hard and have since blocked her from showing up on my newsfeed.

Re: Facebook Invites..... Really?

  • Wow. I really, really want to hear about how this person set up a page on her wedding website that takes PayPal, Visa or MasterCard - for guest convenience, of course.
  • Gross. Just no. Good for you for blocking her from showing up in your feed. 

    On a side note, this is Reason #453 I am super glad I'm not on FB.
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    OMFG.  :o
  • If it was a VERY casual wedding, I'd be ok with actually inviting people through FB, which is what I thought this post was going to be about.  But this?

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    Don't forget to check in after the wedding, as she will surely be the type to complain so few people came and how much debt they're in now. And/or call people out for not giving gifts. The fun won't end with this one! 

  • From what I understood, she was asking people who wanted to go AND eat to send cash or check in the mail. Then if you want, she'll send you an invite.

    And I can't believe I forgot this part!
    her Fi and mine are friends from way back and when they first announce the date he tagged about 20 of his friends (including my Fi) asking who wants to be a groomsman?!? Because it will be an epic party with titties and beer ya'll (yes that is what he posted!)

    then my Fi (he is still FB friends with her- he can skim past BS better then me) showed me her post recent post: 2 of her BM dropped out and so she posted asking who wants to be in her wedding BUT they had to be able to buy the dresses ASAP. I just about choked on my wine when he showed me that.
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    ugh I am Facebook friends (we went to high school together) with someone who is doing some of the same stuff (posting "who wants to be invited?" and making an event). Lately she's been posting stuff about getting mad at people she's invited and how people are ungrateful and it's her day and I just wanna be like honey, you need a journal for these feelings, all 500+ of your Facebook friends don't need to see them and the people you've invited to the wedding definitely don't need to be seeing them.

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I'm just sitting here side eyeing.
  • I have a FB friend who had this over the top wedding and continues to post about her event every Thursday for TBT. It was just in January. I was not invited (did not expect or want to attend) but through FB, I feel like I was actually there. Ugh. One of my friends asked me if I was still getting married (um yup) because I hadn't posted anything on FB since we posted about getting engaged. (shaking head) oh dear.
  • A friend of a friend of mine is doing her wedding "invitations" via a Facebook event. I'm pretty sure they're not even sending actual invitations, just using the Facebook event page. They are getting married at some type of campgrounds and having everyone stay and camp for the weekend, yet the bride has still bought a super fancy dress and I assume will be putting the bridesmaids in long formal dresses as well.

    I've planned several events and have learned that Facebook event RSVPs are so unreliable and can honestly hardly even give you a ballpark of who will attend. I wouldn't do this for a wedding, but I'm definitely guilty of saying I'm going to something just so I don't forget about it. I can't imagine trying to plan a wedding that way!
  • someone i went to school with did something similar. then when a friend had a rant over gofundme pages for stupid things, owned up to wanting to create one for help paying for their wedding. ummm stupid. 
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    Not as bad as OP, but my stepdad had facebook invites to his wedding. They got married like a month after they got engaged (which was like a month after their first date, but that's besides the point) and invited about 130 people via facebook. They had apps only at a meal time and a cash bar. Then they invited like 200 people to a post-PPD in Mexico about two months afer that. But the the funniest thing, to me, was that they sent out the FB invite on Monday, Jan. 4th (so RIGHT after the holidays) and you had to contact their travel agent to book by Wednesday the 6th. So people had two days. The actual post-PPD in Mexico was about a month later. I think only her daughter went, and I believe my stepdad paid for her to go. They also had a post-PPD in Texas, where apparently she is from. If people were invited to that, I wasn't one of them.

    I concluded that they're having a "wedding" for every man she's tried to marry in the last year.

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  • For the record, I would totally still keep her in my fb newsfeed just for the entertainment value of it. See that stuff makes me feel like my wedding planning is totally in line with even the strictest of etiquette rules.
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