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Has anyone gotten married or attended a wedding ceremony at Harry Caray's (attached to the Westin) in Lombard? My fiance wants to have the ceremony there to make it more convenient since that is where our reception is, but I'm concerned how it will look. 


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    I have not attended a wedding there, but the restaurant has held ceremonies there as well.  It sounds as if they offer a really nice package, actually.  You would need to find out what additional costs would be incurred by having your ceremony there.

    Have you looked into having the ceremony at the hotel and the reception at the restaurant? Are you planning on having any/many guests stay at the Westin?  I'm sure there are several opportunities to negotiate some nice deals with either facility.

    I would not have any issues or qualms about attending a ceremony being held in a restaurant.  I'm sure the private rooms are decorated in such a way that guests forget they are even in a restaurant.  As a guest, I would appreciate the thoughtfulness of a couple trying to make their day convenient for me as well.
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