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Vegas wedding bringing our child

Anyone who had a Vegas wedding and brought their child/children with them? Was there a hotel that was more friendly toward children? We were leaning toward Mandalay Bay? My daughter will be 2! Any advice is appreciated!

Re: Vegas wedding bringing our child

  • Circus Cicrus is probably the most kid friendly kid of all the hotels. But with her being 2, I am sure any hotel will be fine. It is really surprising to me how many kids you see there. 
  • Depends on the time of year.  In the spring-early fall, Mandalay Bay is a great choice.  They have a really nice pool area, including a wave pool and a lazy river.  They are a nice mid-range property, with relatively easy access to all the south strip.  There's a tram that goes to Excalibur, which has quite a few kid-friendly activities, including a game room and the Tournament of Kings show.  We toured the wedding salons there too, so if you were thinking of hosting the wedding there, I can tell you a little about what we saw.

    I would not suggest Circus Circus for a wedding trip.  It's a very low-budget property, and is pretty unpleasant inside, imo.  We found the smell pretty off-putting, and the location is inconvenient as it is past the north end of the strip.

  • We are bringing our kids to Vegas for our wedding too -- 3 and 6.  

    Ditto to the sentiments KatCtoKatA said about Circus Circus.  Did not like it at all.  Plus, their kid themed attractions were more appropriate for older kids.

    My favorite kid friendly place is the Venetian.  It is bright, lively, and there is a lot for them to do: living statues, riding the canal, playing around the waterfall, etc.  Plus, a lot of food options.

    Others are: Mandalay Bay (that would be my second choice), Bellagio, and NYNY.

    Kid neutral places: MGM, Caesar's Palace, Linq

    Not kid friendly at all: Planet Hollywood (the rooms had things in there that my kids were determined to break and they have a bar near the room elevators with half naked dancers -- awesome but we had to have a long talk about why the lady was showing her butt cheeks lol), Wynn (pretty but they do not allow kids in fine dining and strollers are not permitted), Aria, Cosmopolitan (crowded, construction made it hard to navigate with the stroller, very sleek hotels).
  • @mlewis85 where are you having your wedding? I'm very undecided on a venue but want to make it easiest with my daughter! 
  • Totally understand that! We toured almost all of the venues on the strip but had to rule out some that we *really* liked b/c we couldn't picture our kids in the hotel.  We ended up selecting the Venetian b/c we liked the wedding venue (they had a variety to choose from) AND the hotel.  As a bonus, the planners were all older, had been there forever, and were parents too (so gave some helpful tips).  Their restaurant choices were great too for our reception (although we ended up not selecting any of them).

    Mandalay Bay was a great hotel option for our kids but we did not like the wedding rooms very much.  They were very...brown.  We originally picked them but forfeited our deposit to cancel after seeing it in person.
  • We got married at the Mandarin Oriental last May and our 2 year old was with us. They were amazing with him. On check in he was given a beautiful teddy bear and every evening there were chocolates in our room for him. The cot for him to sleep in was so luxurious, I wish I could have got in there with him. 
  • Pretty much any casino would be fine for a 2 year old. There are also several non-casino hotels within blocks of the Strip. Circus Circus is disgusting, more Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas than kid friendly. Flamingo and Mandalay Bay have very nice pools but are busy. Venetian has a nice pool but is quiet, more for a toddler. There are many kid activities. As for places for a kid to eat, every casino has a 24 hour cafe. Aria has the best IMO. There is a Discovery Childrens Museum downtown that my friend loves to take his 2 year old.
  • Ew don't stay at Circus Circus. That place makes me want to shower as soon as I step into it. Sorry to the CC fans but yuck!

    Pretty much any of the strip hotels are fine for a 2 year old. I've never taken my kids there at that age (I think my son was 7 or 8 the first time), so I'm not a whole lot of help with that. I just made sure that we stayed somewhere that had something other than a casino - mall, food court, great pool, etc. We've stayed at Paris, Planet Hollywood and the Flamingo with the kids.

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  • My mum is staying with my sister and 4 y/o niece at the Vdara cos it's a non smoking, non casino property & they have a little kitchen in their suite. Im getting married at Aria also so it's easy for them to get to me 
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