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Wedding Photographer from HELL (xp)

edited March 2016 in Chit Chat
Hi Everyone! I had a great great wedding DESPITE my photographer. Basically I had a 10 people wedding and hired the photographer who had shot my DH brothers engagement photos who he shoots for at DH brothers hospital. Anyway the shots he took for him were great! We had full confidence in the photographer. Anyway, the whole day the photographer was yelling at me and ordering me around. We were doing first look picts but then he went into a full session outside and was dragging me around in the dirt.. my dress got ripped a few times and the bottom was filthy. My mom was so upset and didn't appreciate that. Anyway.. all day he seemed to rush and pressure us. So Ok.. I await the photos. We get them. So I'm watching the video and he has photos of the venue.. nice. He then has a series of DH brother and his fiance. Around 8 shots in the video beautiful. Then no one else. Then me and i'm black and white with my mom on the floor looking down ... shot on an odd angle. All of me are black and white. Anyway none of DH getting ready.. none of my matron of honor .. none of my matron of honor and her husband. Tons of DH brother beautifully shot. We even had 5 of DH brother doing his reading and none of my matron doing hers. Photographer told me the best man is always most important. HUH? Anyway.. no shots of DH and his parents.. just one shot of me. Anyway I requested all photos and he told me he wouldn't release those because ppl looking away or blurry or whatever. Anyway I informed him I Just found out from DH his brother had called him with news that he received the photo and video link. WHAT WHAT WHAT .. DH told him to only send to US!!!!! Now I have to have DH brother removed from intro.. because my parents asked us why was it 20 seconds of them before u see my DH and me or anyone else?? Anyway.. so I get all teh shots FINALLY and i'm looking through. All close ups of me were in black and white and he had from what it looked like retouched 1 images. .. apparently that must have taken time because he decided to nix that idea and just go b/w with no retouch. I LOOK AWFUL. In every photo i'm sweaty, bags under eyes, no retouch. He retouched DH brother. He didn't retouch anyone else. What do I do???? DH brother plans to hire him for his wedding. I'm afraid I might jump on the photographer if i see him in person? Seriously DH mom took better shots than this IDIOT?? NO RETOUCH ON any of me or DH or us together or mom or dad or his mom and dad? HELP!??? What can I do at this point? 

btw.. when i spoke to photographer he told me it was my fault. He told me DH walked out of dressing room and was dressed so thats why he had no pics. He told me my matron had no pics cause she wasn't dressed until it was to late???She was with me all day and the photographer trying to keep my dress off the ground. He never told her to get dressed? He never told any of us what to do when? He just kept yelling at us and bullying?

Re: Wedding Photographer from HELL (xp)

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