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Ceremony Webcast Quality

Does anyone know if the webcasting of the ceremony actually works well? I'm thinking of extending it to 30 days, but I'm wondering if the quality is decent enough that you can actually clearly see and hear the ceremony. If not, then I'll probably save the money and just take the 7 days that's included. I'm getting married at The Flamingo

Re: Ceremony Webcast Quality

  • They're typically not particularly high quality.  You can get a good example of how Cashman's video streaming works.  Go to  Pick a hotel, start picking Saturdays until you find one where there's a video posted and you'll be able to watch the video.  For example, Mandalay on Feb 13.

    Flamingo dumped Cashman not too long ago, so they're no longer handling the video at Flamingo, but I'd ask them to send you a link and I'd be very surprised if the quality has changed much from Cashman as I've heard they still use a similar fixed camera setup.

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  • Well I have several people not attending who are really excited about it so I'm going for it. I'll report back after the wedding. 
  • For my 7.11.15 wedding at the mandalay bay we did use they're webcasting because we are from Boston and had many who couldn't come for the trip. Its not HD quality by any means but we were pleased with the sound and picture. The webcasting is what you get when you get the dvd as well ill see if I can post a video of my video lol
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