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Wholesale Flowers - Has anyone done it?

I am thinking of purchasing stemmed flowers and DIY-ing the bouquets.  Has anyone ever done this?  Which wholesale provider would you recommend?  Thanks!

Re: Wholesale Flowers - Has anyone done it?

  • nope. sorry i can't help.  :)  :'(
    im still looking for flowers myself.
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    I'm going to try it! I really love roses! One major thing to think of is space, and trimming them, these took a while to trim all the leaves. Plus, some flowers you'll get won't be fully opened, like the roses below, so order a day early. I'm using Sam's Club. I'm getting 125 roses for around $120, I'll have a dozen roses or just under in my bouquet, and the BM's will each get 6 roses. I'm planning on using floral tape.
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    when looking for fowers myself, a friend tole me about Steward Leonard or Stop and Shop
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