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Married 3/19/16! Reviews: (part 1) The Orleans/Stardust Suite, Reverend Roland, Joey Allen

I used The Knot to plan my whole wedding, and was so happy with the way it turned out. I mainly used the reviews written on this board to choose vendors, so wanted to give back a little and share my opinions.

The Orleans/Stardust Suite: A+
I could go on and on about The Orleans. H and I and almost 50 guests stayed at the hotel, and I heard nothing but great things from everyone about the rooms, food, activities, gaming, etc. Multiple people told me they will be coming back to stay on future Vegas visits.
We had our ceremony in one of the hotel's meeting rooms, and although it was a little more work (bringing in a Minister, music, etc.), we felt that it was easier than having our guests shuttling around to multiple places. The room ended up looking great (thanks to some decorating help from my SILs), and I was happy we went with this option instead of an offsite chapel.
The Stardust suite was even better than the pictures, and the food was wonderful! A couple of people asked me who the caterer was, and were surprised when I told them the hotel catered! It was no "hotel" wedding food. We did the Mexican buffet, and everything was so good! Plus Adrian the bartender and the waiters (I didn't get their names) were all very good at what they do. The view from the balcony was amazing! And we also got the neighboring Presidential suite for the night, which was extremely impressive.
The only thing that went wrong was we had a delay with getting access to the Stardust suite so we had to rush setting up which was a little stressful, but everything else went so great that I don't feel I should lower my rating.

Reverend Roland: A+
Reverend Roland has a great reputation and he completely lived up to it. He met with us prior to the ceremony and got to know us a little, and somehow incorporated so many details from our lives into a touching and very personal ceremony. He was funny and charming, and you can tell he loves what he does.

Joey Allen: A+
Although at this point I've only seen a few photos on his camera's screen, I know they are going to be great. Joey showed up early and worked hard all night to get the right shots. We emailed back and forth a bunch before the wedding, and I knew from the questions that he was asking that we were going to be happy. He was extremely professional but also kind and helpful. I can't wait to see his work.


Re: Married 3/19/16! Reviews: (part 1) The Orleans/Stardust Suite, Reverend Roland, Joey Allen

  • Thanks for coming back and reviewing! You're using some of the same vendors as us, so it's super exciting. Rev. Roland has been AMAZING thus far and Joey's been really awesome at responding to my questions. :)
  • @AZJess921, what was the minimum for food and beverage to get the Stardust suite?
  • The minimum catering was $3500 for the Stardust suite. As far as I know that's all the time - our wedding was on a Saturday night 
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