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Cambodian Wedding in Ohio??

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Hello everyone! Something I wanted to incorporate into my wedding day is the Cambodian traditional ceremonies, but I am having difficulties finding where I can rent the wedding attire for me, the groom, and our bridal party. Currently in Ohio where there's a smaller population of Cambodians in relation to Lowell or Long Beach. D: So I already know my options are limited. Any suggestions in Ohio?

Re: Cambodian Wedding in Ohio??

  • I know this is a super late response but I had my Lao ceremony separate which I know many SE Asian brides do (one ceremony in the AM, American in the evening). I don't know of any anywhere who does rentals, but I ended up having to buy mine from TX and had it shipped to me. Someone in the family new someone who made the outfits and all I had to do was send my measurements.

    I would maybe chat with family and see if they know of a local shop or seamstress near them who might be able to have attire shipped?

    I don't know if your wedding has passed yet, but Congratulations!
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