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Dancing dilemma

My FI has recently told me he would like to do a first dance. This is something we initially agreed on not doing as I don't like being spotlighted and don't enjoy dancing. (Slow dancing will be okay though) initially we agreed to have zero dancing. 
However, I know my dad really wants to do a daddy/daughter dance so I figure we should just go ahead and do that as well as mother/son. 

My problem lies in the fact that if these dances "open the dance floor" for my guests, would it be strange that I wouldn't dance at all? 

My wedding is small-22 guests. It wouldn't take that long to mingle and make sure I get to talk to everyone. I'm not against having a dance floor. I'm against people trying to drag me onto it when I honestly don't enjoy dancing. (Every wedding, someone tries to drag me out. And every wedding I do for like a song and then sit back down) 

I liked the idea of doing the dances between cocktail hour and dinner as maybe that doesn't open the dance floor. But then am I expected to have dancing later?

I don't want to tell FI we can't have a first dance or disappoint my dad and his mom. Or my guests for that matter. 

I just hate dancing! 

Re: Dancing dilemma

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    Our dislike of dancing is one of the main reasons we opted for a daytime wedding. We felt it would lessen the expectation of dancing. We don't care if other people dance; we just don't enjoy it and did not want to be harassed and pressured to do so and find ourselves frustrated with pushy guests. I know this would happen because it's happened with my friends when we've been out. One of my bridesmaids literally pulled me into a dance floor once, despite knowing my aversion to it. 

    All you can do is just resolve to stay polite about it if/when people try to question you about why you're not dancing. I'm easily irritated, so I didn't think I would have it in me to smile and say "Yes, I'm having fun, I just don't dance" over and over again. And maybe let a few lovers of dancing know you won't be dancing so they can be the ones to get that party started. I think some people tend to hesitate if the bride and groom aren't dancing.
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