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So, I've been thinking about the best timeline to send out invitations.  I realize typically etiquette calls for 6-8 weeks before the wedding, but that feels really short for a destination-type wedding.  In my prior experience, the best hotel rates in Vegas tend to be about 3-4 months out.  We're expecting around 30 people, with a mix of Vegas veterans and first-timers.  We sent save-the-dates, and have offered our help for booking if anyone wants it.

I was thinking of sending invites about 3 months before the wedding, figuring getting the invites would prompt people to get on with making hotel/flight reservations.  Does this seem reasonable?

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  • we did much the same thing. we sent out save the dates early (about 8 months) and will send out our invites at 4 months. we figured we would send them early for the same reason. we live in Kansas City so flights to Vegas are not hard to find and there are several direct flight options, but this way people can make a decision on going or not. 6-8 weeks just seemed very last minute to us for a wedding that requires more travel than a regular wedding.
  • We did save the dates at one year, invites I think went out around the six or seven month mark with a long time for responses.  We wanted to make sure people had more than enough notice, and then a reminder, to start booking if they were going to come.

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  • We sent our invites (no save-the-dates, just solid invite) as soon as our venue was confirmed, about 10 months out, simply because we aren't in regular communication with many of our guests and didn't want anyone who wanted to join us to miss out because they had to put in for time off, etc. (For example, my mom's work sets their vacation schedules for the year in March.) We're not really going the route of an RSVP, since we'll touch base with everyone for a confirmation in advance (we're planning a very casual affair.)
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