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DDB fail. help with transportation?

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so I emailed the double decker bus of las vegas and asked some questions- air conditioning-NO, booking for early august? they said that they typically don't rent DDB early august due to the high heat during that time.

Does anyone know of any party buses that can hold up to 50 people? Really the main reason I wanted one was to go from the hotel to chapel to dinner to bar.  prefer it to not be coach style (just seats) I would like the party atmosphere- it's going to be so hot that I don't want people walking/taking cabs etc because that would definitely cost more than everyone just getting on one bus together.

Re: DDB fail. help with transportation?

  • We had to order 2 party buses, I couldn't find anything that fit 55 people besides DDB. We ordered 2 party buses and they sent us 2 coach style shuttles with to few seats for the amount of people. It turned out to be a nightmare. I would not recommend using AWG Ambassador.

    I did a quick search and I don't see anything that's a 50 person party bus. Good luck.    
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    I think party buses max out around 25-35 and it's standing room by that time.  They also get quite hot inside even with full AC running during summer in Vegas.  You may have to get 2 buses for that many people, maybe a party bus for immediate family/wedding party (guessing 15-20 people?) and a larger normal bus for other guests?
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