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Help me find shoes - Updated with more photos

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Ok, so I know most of you are sleeping, but if I leave this later, I'll forget.  I have a semi-formal banquet thing this weekend that I wasn't really wanting to go to, but have to.  There will be a bunch of snotty girls who have been real bitches to me over the past few years, so since I have to go, I plan on looking smoking hot.  I have a dress, but no shoes to go with it.  

I suck at shopping, so please give me ideas.  And I'm in Canada, so specific shoes won't help, unless you're looking at Canadian shops (Aldo, Towne Shoes, etc.).  In the past, I've worn scrappy white sandals, but they were flat and I'd prefer a heel I think.  

Photo isn't great, but it's more for the colour.  Dress is just above the knee and really fitted and ruched, all the way down, so it looks really skinny in the photo

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