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So I just spoke to my venue and I asked about the timing for the cake cutting and first dance. They told me I will do the cake cutting before dinner. WTH? Why am I doing that? I really dont like that idea, we will be introduced and than immediately do the cake cutting. Its weird to me to feed each other cake and have that moment before dinner. Anyone else having to do this? Or understands why lol.

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  • That's weird but maybe it's to eliminate the feeling that folks have that the party is almost over because you are cutting cake!?!? Seems to far fetched cause folks will leave cause they wanna leave. 
  • I can see their reasoning being wanting to have the cake cut up during dinner to be served to your guests immediately after. I would ask them to wait until after the salad is at last served
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  • Oh and I just googled and it says it's to prevent the break in the folks don't have to stop dancing to watch you cut the cake. 
  • The venues that I have looked at in New Orleans do almost the same thing...unless you ask them to change it. We are planning on doing ours after dinner. I am having cake charms so I will have to have my bridesmaids come to do pictures, a toast and then pull their charms, then Bae and I will cut the cake!
  • what are cake charms?
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  • Actually, we will be doing this for our wedding. As a matter of fact all of the "events" will take place before dinner within the first hour. We personally want to spend more time dancing and mingling with guests instead of having to stop to do more "planned activities"

    So, basically, we will do intro, first dance, cutting of cake, special presentation, blessing of food, dinner, and then dancing. 

    I love the cake charms, Case!!! But can't do it bc I only have 3 MOH....bummer.

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    [QUOTE]<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Its a popular thing here in Louisiana!
    Posted by CaseynMike[/QUOTE]

    <div>ooh i like this FI is from the south </div><div>
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  • Cha you can still do it... have your bridesmaids and select a few other close doesn't matter how many you do you can have as many or as few as you like...DO IT!!

    @thedivav I am excited about doing my cake pulls!
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