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What did you ladies do with your wedding party on the day before your wedding and the day of? did you all stay together? have a spa day on the day before or decorate? I'm just curious to see what everyone has done :) 

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    What did you ladies do with your wedding party on the day before your wedding and the day of? did you all stay together? have a spa day on the day before or decorate? I'm just curious to see what everyone has done :) 
    The day before, I spent some time at lunch/drinks and downtown with a few of my friends who weren't in the WP but had gotten there early. Just how things worked out. ETA - I did see the WP at the rehearsal and then rehearsal dinner the evening before.

    The day of, I let everyone know when and where I'd be getting ready, in case they wanted to join me or take advantage of the stylist/artist's services. It was in no way mandatory. We ended up probably spending the two hours before the wedding together, and then pictures after (except for one of my SILs, who ducked out very early to take care of her 2-month-old), and then we sat with our siblings and their SOs at the reception (they were all in the WP) and let our friends sit with their other friends that they hadn't seen all day. Then we all danced the night away.

    I knew that they had traveled with their SOs (and in some cases, children) and that I was only truly "top priority" for the ceremony, as it should be, so I let them make the decisions about what they could come to. Decorations weren't their responsibility in any way, so I didn't even consider that.
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    The day before I decorated (with FI, don't ask anyone else to help) and painted my own nails and just hung out...the day of I made my bouquets, and got my hair and makeup done (they came to me) and then ate way too much food before my first look. It was awesome way to hangout with my favorite people before there were 212 of them.

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    The day before, my H and I went rock climbing. Then we had our rehearsal dinner. After that, we went to sleep, together. I did not ask my MOH to spend the night before with me, because that seems silly. 

    The day of, my MOH (I only had a MOH) came to the bridal suite and we got ready together, along with my mom and MIL. 

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    The day before, I did setup.  Alone.  I did not ask anyone to make a special trip to help me, but if they asked, I told them where I'd be and what I was doing and I was happy to have the company, but did not necessarily need the help.

    MOH set up nail appointments for the moms and BMs, and I got the worst manicure ever, but we had fun.  We were embarrassingly late to the rehearsal, though, because even though the salon knew there were 6 of us coming, they only had two people working.  It was okay, though, because traffic sucked so everyone else was late, too.

    I booked a 2BR suite at our hotel and invited my friends to a "sleepover" the night before (completely voluntary, no strings attached).  I was actually shocked that two of my friends took me up on the offer (figured they'd want to stay with their SOs).  My brother, a couple of cousins, aunts, and uncles came over, and we played Cards Against Humanities.

    The day of, we had hair and makeup done onsite, with lunch provided, so everyone pretty much just strolled in throughout the day (including the moms).

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    The day before, I only remember having contact with my sister (MOH) to confirm the time she & BIL were picking me up the next morning (H took one of our cars to the venue in the morning, and my sister offered to drive me there so H & I didn't have two cars there).

    The wedding ceremony was at 11:30 a.m., and I did my own makeup and was having my hairdresser come to my apartment to do my hair, so my sis & BIL just showed up that morning to drive me.  I asked everyone to be at the venue at 10 a.m. for photos because we did a first look & then went right into group shots.

    That's it.  We had a venue and florist who set up everything for us, so we just needed to show up & not decorate.
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  • The day before I got my nails done and let some people know where I would be in case they wanted to come along - definitely not mandatory. I included my bridal party, MIL, mom, brother's gf and a friend who traveled with my bridal party and was also in town. We had the rehearsal dinner that night and my MOH spent the night with me only because we never see each other and it was a good opportunity to hang out.

    The next morning we had a hair and makeup artist come to us... My bridal party, mom and MIL had decided they wanted to get hair and/or makeup done so they hung out in the bridal suite and we all got ready together (although even if they didn't want to get anything done they probably still would have hung out!). The friend who traveled with my BP came by for lunch. and then we all hung out until it was time for the ceremony.
  • Since the wedding party were all traveling bachelor and bachelorette parties were 2 nights before the wedding (obv attendance was optional).

    The day before the wedding I was recovering from alcohol poisoning from the bachelorette so I stayed in my hotel room for the entire morning with my MOH and her sister. (MOH's bf couldn't make it and since I had an extra bed in my hotel room I offered to have them stay with me and they accepted which was nice so that I wasn't alone). Then I went to the venue in the afternoon to walk through everything and drop off all the decorations with the venue staff. I puked out the window on the way there and basically couldn't eat or drink anything so I went back to hotel room and hung out with MOH and her sister and a few people who stopped by (there was a harry potter marathon). Then by the rehearsal dinner I was finally feeling better and able to eat dinner. After that I was exhausted from being sick all day and fell asleep.

    Day of I did makeup with MOH, hair with my cousin (a bridesmaid) and then got to the venue 2 hrs before the ceremony to get dressed with bridesmaids and my mom and to do photos.
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    Day before I ran some last-minute errands, then my mom and sisters (who were my co-MOHs) and I got mani/pedi's.  H and I slept together (we were already living together and neither of us likes sleeping in a bed other than our own). 
    Day of I went to my parents' house, and my mom, sisters and I had our hair and makeup done before the ceremony.

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    We didn't have a rehearsal or rehearsal dinner. So the day before I just did errands and got my nails done. DH and I spent the night together at our hotel. 
    My bridal party showed up around 11:30am so we could all get our hair done together. Then we went back to the hotel and did our makeup and got ready for pictures. 

    The only time I've ever "spent time" with a bride prior to officially getting hair and makeup done and dresses on was due purely to logistics. I couldn't travel on the day of the wedding, so I stayed with my bride friend the night before and helped her pack for her honeymoon and just basically hung out with her and her parents. She told me later she was really glad I was there because she was so nervous about the wedding. 

  • The day before I slept in packed my stuff, and had lunch with just my sister. I checked in to the hotel, saw my aunt and uncle who flew in from CA, and hung around the hotel until the rehearsal. Went to rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and to bed. We were married on a Friday so most of our wedding party worked the day before (some worked the day of as well).

    I have no idea what the rest of the wedding party did. H stayed the night at a Groomsman's house where they were all getting ready because they wanted to go out after the rehearsal and I had no interest in that.
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    I didn't have a rehearsal so the day before I was just running errands, and we had a lobster bake at my brother's with my parents & my in laws as a way to just enjoy casual time together. H & I slept in our home that night.

    The day of, my MOH picked me up and we went to the salon together. She drove me to the venue where the other bridesmaid met us (as did H and his men) and we started right away on first look photos.

    I was the MOH in a wedding last year and the bride insisted we all sleep with her in the hotel because she had cheesy slumber party pinterest visions. I kept telling her I would just drive there in the morning but she kept pushing that she wanted us all there. So my H convinced me to just give in and do it.



  • Day before I was doing errands, getting my nails done, and having our version of a rehearsal dinner which was really a family dinner so our families could meet (yeah, 7 years dating and parents had never met!). that night. Did sleep in the hotel and H at home bc I was meeting up for breakfast with my family who was staying at the hotel. 

    Day of- breakfast with my parents & sister, hair with my mom, sister, & aunt, then back to the suite for lunch with my parents, sister, & aunt and then got my makeup done and went on my way for our first look and rest of pics that we didn't ask ur MOH or BM to join in on bc we figured that was a pain to have them trekking around the city with us. 

    I was a BM in a wedding where my BFF also forced us to do a slumber party. It was awful. We all had to sleep on the floor or air mattress in the den of her parents house "just like in high school!!!!!!!!" But when she got sleepy she went up to her actual bed and slept in there. So we were grumpy as fuck bc we slept like shit and she slept in a real bed and thought it was amazing.
  • The day before we drove up to the venue (it was at a resort, so we were staying there that night), checked in, did some decorating, then got ready and went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. After the dinner, we made our way back to the resort and finished up the decorating and just kind of hung out with our parents and WP (they were all staying at the resort with us, and offered to help with the decor). That night I slept in my hotel room and H stayed the night in one of his GM's rooms. 

    The day of, I woke up and went to breakfast with a couple of my BMs and met up with a lot of my and H's family, while specifically coordinating to avoid H (he was very insistent on not seeing me prior to the ceremony). After that, I did a little bit of set up for the ceremony and gave the reception hall one last look over, and went to the salon for hair and makeup with my BMs, mom, MIL, and dad's GF. After that we went back to the room, grabbed my dress and accessories, then headed to the bridal suite to get dressed and start taking BP and parent pictures. After that it was pretty much time for the ceremony and the rest is history.

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    We decorated the wedding space. My family helped out. Then had rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. 

  • He had his brother as BM and I had my friend as my MOH.  The night before the wedding, my parents hosted a dinner for our OOT guests, and I think my MOH was there but honestly I can't remember at this point.  Afterward, DH went to the bars with his brother and friends, and I hung out at home playing Cards Against Humanity with my MOH and other friends that were free.  The day of, we met them at the ceremony site.  No one had their hair done professionally, or their makeup; all we had to do was hand them our rings and run through where everyone was going to stand really quick.  We took pictures before the guests showed up.
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    The day before, I woke up early, wrote the ceremony, got a pedicure (alone) and went to an unrelated family party. H and my MOH and I went to an after-party thing at my dad's and I went home early. H stayed at a friend's (he wanted to) and my MOH/sister stayed at Dad's. She picked up my mom and I the morning of to get our hair and makeup done before heading to the venue.
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    We did our rehearsal two nights before the wedding, because the venue had a Friday wedding that weekend. My sisters (BMs) and I went to get our nails done, and they told the other BMs and moms they could come too if they wanted (they all did). Sisters brought snacks and champagne to the salon, so we had a mini girls' day.

    After that, I went back to my house to work on bouquets. All of my sisters wanted to help, so they came back with me and we assembled the bouquets and drank more champagne. People were coming and going from our house all day - in fact, we woke up hungover only to find H's parents in our living room - fun times. At around 5pm, H and I left to go check in to the hotel, where we spent a quiet night together.

    ETA: Day of, H left at 9am to go golf with the guys, and some of my BMs came over to get ready together.
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  • holyguacamole79holyguacamole79 a taco truck in Houston member
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    The bridal party and I got mani / pedis (I think one couldn't make it .... nbd).  My godmother hosted a bridal luncheon for us, then we dropped off the DIY stuff at our venue.   We had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.   I met up with some of our OOT guests at their hotel and called it a night.   One of the bridesmaids stayed in the connected room.   On the day of, the bridal party got their hair and makeup done in the hotel room with me and we headed to the church in a limo. 

    If I had to do it again,  I'd limit the number of people who got ready with me.  It was me, my mom, 3 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls,  FG's mom (my now SIL who is mega high strung), and my MIL. I wish I just had my mom and my MOH  (sister).
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    My bridesmaids were at work the day before and then came to the rehearsal/dinner. Then they went home, and the next morning they got ready at home and then went to help set up at the venue while I got ready alone and with my hair stylist.
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  • Two days before {aka the Thursday before Saturday wedding} I spent time with one of my bridesmaids who lived out of town and unfortunately missed all the pre-wedding stuff.

    One day before {the Friday} my H and I got all the paperwork done, reviewed things with the Judge and got to enjoy a "calm before the storm" kind of day"
    Wedding party headed over in the dinner hour, we ordered pizza and drinks to snack on. Grabbed stuff and headed to venue. Since we were doing a few personal touches and a quick run thru of aisle stuff - and since my entire wedding party hadn't seen place - it was fun to help them.
    I was grateful for them there because I ended up having a huge issue that involved crying {not wedding related really, bigger issue} They helped cheer me up because the flameless candles we got had to be shaken to turn on {think shake-weight ....}

    Did quick run through of who was walking with whom with music, etc.

    2 ladies stayed at my place over night, but all hung out for a few hours. H went to see his parents with the guys, then hung out at a hotel room.

    Next day we got ready at my mum's place with food before driving over.
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    The day before I bought the cake topper, and got a mani and pedi with my MOH (her idea). Afterwards, H and I had to drop off things at our venue, and provide them with the final payment. We got to go over the last and final details with the venue, and have some wine. After that, H and I went shopping for our bridal party gifts. Then we went home and I washed and blew out my hair (my hair stylist was coming to me the next day, and didn't wash hair). 

    Finally, H and I went to have dinner with one of my Bridesmaids that flew in that day from California, and then went to the bar for a few shots, before calling it a night. The day of the wedding, my bridesmaids and I got ready together in a hotel suite. And the day after our wedding, we had brunch with the bridal party and some other family and friends (this was informal, we all just called each other the next day like "Hey, down to brunch?")


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    The day before, a few friends and I (they were not all in my BP) got our nails done then hung out at a friends house for the evening. We then went home to our respective houses.

    Well, one of my BM's was from OOT so she stayed at my mom's house so that no hotel was needed. I also stayed at my mom's house the night before (I was also from OOT), and DH and his best man+wife (also OOT) stayed at my dad's house.

    The day of, I got my hair done with my mom and my BM. MOH joined us at my mom's later for some lunch and pre-ceremony photos. If my BM wasn't OOT, or preferred to stay at a hotel, she could have shown up whenever she wanted as well.
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    The day before, H and I ran errands, dropped things off at the venue, and picked up people from the airport (ugh). Most of our WP worked that day, but they came to the rehearsal and dinner that night. 

    My OOT BM's spent the night at my apartment so they wouldn't have to get a hotel. DH shared a hotel room with some of his family because he's superstitious. The local BMs came over in the morning (2:00 ceremony) and finished getting ready at my place. We all rode to the ceremony together. 
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