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so with all the rsvp's that start to role in, i just was thinking how do i set up place cards, for kids and significant others that a guest will bring with them? do i need to contact all the guests i invited and ask for names of who is attending, or would i do something else?
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Re: Placecards

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    You should know the names of all your guests ahead of time. If guests didn't indicate who was coming (i.e 3/4 invited names on the envelope are coming but they didn't write in names) I would give them a ring and determine who is coming and who declined.

    **I really hope that you didn't write "and guest" for those in a relationship. Plus one status should be reserved for truly single guests that you are extending an additional invite for use at their discretion. If this is a case of a truly single guest with a plus one, I would again recommend giving them a ring to find out the name of their guest.

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  • It sounds like your RSVPs are already coming in, and the people you don't know the names of plus ones (i.e. You told your truly single friend/cousin/whoever that the should feel free to invite a guest, they are and you don't know heir name?) Yes, just call/email/text and ask for heir name. 

    If these are SOs then yes they should have been invited by name. If you didn't do that you should still call people up and ask for their SOs name (and maybe apologize for leaving them off the invite). 
  • Figured I was doing something wrong haha!
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