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Bride planning her own shower

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thank you for your advice! Glad it's not just me who thinks this is out of control!

Re: Bride planning her own shower

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    Boy does this sound like someone I know! If you try and push back a lot she will probably "fire" you from being bridesmaid! I'm also predicting that she will one major PITA Bridezilla.
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    I suggest you take a step back and tell her that you won't be part of this shower. You can't control what she does, but you can control what you are part of. 

    Edit: just because you are a bridesmaid does not mean you are required to participate in pre-wedding parties, including this shower. 
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    My suggestion to you - 

    Image result for someecard betting someone half your shit youll love them forever
  • I agree with @Ironring - I would politely decline the invitation to attend. Pre-wedding parties are not a requirement, and your friend sounds like a major bridezilla.

    If you decline and she gets pissed, maybe you should let her know you would rather attend the wedding as a guest. You may very well save yourself a huge headache by doing so.
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  • Cliff notes on the OP?
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