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Hi all, 

I'm hoping you can all help me, I've never been to Las Vegas but that certainly hasn't stopped us booking our wedding there. We have organised our ceremony, and I am starting to narrow down the restaurant list for dinner after the ceremony. We are wondering what we could do after the dinner, possibly a club for bottle service? There will be about 18-20 of us so I know bottle service will be expensive but I'm thinking it would be worth it to have our own area. Any suggestions/ideas would be appreciated. We are getting married on 2 June 2017.

Thank you :smiley: 

Re: What to do after dinner

  • We're not club people but we wanted to do something after the dinner too. I booked a reservation at the Mandarin Bar at the Mandarin Oriental. Its a beautiful bar with floor to ceiling windows. We only have 10 people join us for cocktails but they put us in a semi-private space in the front of the bar. Its very chill more like a lounge than a club. 

  • Thank you for your response that is a fantastic idea, we are also not really club people but were trying to think of something fun for our guests. I am definitely going to look into a few bars instead as that would suit us as a couple much more, ideally we would like somewhere with a small dance floor do you know of any bars like that? 

    Thanks again :) 
  • We are doing a strip tour as the majority of people who are coming with us haven't been to Las Vegas either plus we have a few under 21's with us so wanted to make sure we where organising something they can enjoy as well :) 
  • What hotels will you be staying at? I've got a few ideas depending on what part of the strip you'll be near!
  • I'm trying to find some where Togo after dinner aswell. Check out  cleopatras barge and carnival court Iv been looking at them as I'm having dinner at trevi. 
  • Trevi is where we are looking at booking for dinner also, so I will definitely check those options out. Thank you  :)

    We haven't booked out our accommodation yet as most websites won't let you until 12 months out from the date. We were looking at Encore Wynn, Bellagio and Cosmopolitan. Any recommendations of places to go close to any of these hotels will be fantastic.

    I really appreciate all your help ladies  :*

  • We are now second guessing Trevi and are looking at the Stratosphere using their private dining instead. Has anyone been to the bar 107 at the stratosphere? We are thinking of going up there after the dinner but wondering whether it would be good?

    Thanks :smiley: 
  • Downtown Cocktail Room is in Fremont, it is a modern speakeasy in Fremont that makes very unique cocktails. Very relaxed, sexy and never crowded. You can take your group there for cocktails or order a punchbowl for the group.  They can save a section for you. 
    Also Frankies Tiki Lounge is a fun retro Hawaiian lounge on Charleston. Also, ever really crowed and they have a little area for a group your size. The drinks there are really good. 
    Either way they will cost less than a club and you can actually hear each other talk.
  • Other options could be Don't Tell Mama, Beauty Bar (both small bars/ clubs with dancing but less expensive than casino clubs), Hoffbrauhaus (german, can separate an area for your group), Mc Mullans (Irish bar with a private back room for parties)... There are plenty more
    HayleyMarie KatCtoKatA
  • We went to Commonwealth in downtown the night before our wedding and had a blast. They don't have table reservations but they have sitting areas and played a variety of music. I also second Downtown Cocktail Room, it's a more chill bar. Relaxed ambience, not a club. Can easily hold your group. 

    After our reception dinner, we went to a club called Surrender at the Wynn. It was badass!!! We didn't get a table but found a club promoter on Instagram that got our group in for free (18 people). The club opens up to the pool outside so we hung out on the deck outside. This allowed us to enjoy the dance music while having audible conversations with each other in a fun environment. When we wanted to dance, we just walked back inside to the dance floor (look at pics online, the flow will make sense.) My whole group loved it. We aren't ones that normally go to a club but all enjoy dance-type music. This gave us the feel that we were in Vegas at a fun club while also not losing our eardrums lol!!
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