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Victorias Family Chapel - Anyone?

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We are looking to have our ceremony & reception here....has anyone heard of them?
Wedding party: 30-40 people / Month: August

p.s alternative would be silver skyline chapel & restaurant inside linq

Thank you in advanced :smiley: 

Re: Victorias Family Chapel - Anyone?

  • Will you have time to travel to Vegas to look at both venues beforehand? We just got back from our scouting trip and from the beginning had our hearts set on SKyline Chapel at the linq. The people at the Linq/Flamingo (the wedding coordinators do both locations) have been amazing to work with thus far. After my fiance saw the skyline chapel, he made me cancel all our other appointments as he was sold :)
    Sorry, I have no experience with Victoria's Family. I remember I initially found them when doing broad research on Vegas ceremony locations, but it did not make it on my final 'must check out' list in the end. I don't remember why. 

    I say message both places and get a feel for the people and how they answer the questions you may have. 

    Good Luck. I am sure, in the end. neither location will disappoint :)
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    Thanks - 
    Skyline close 2nd- Which Package did you have: Vegas style or Love Me Tender?

    We did go to Vegas in December, but never made it to victorias...

    Thanks :)
  • we went with Love me Tender. The Vegas style package just seemed to bare. and love me tender is still a really great deal imo. 
  • I was really impressed with the Silver Sky when we scouted it, but then we decided to go completely in-suite. Can't give any feedback on Victoria's Family, though. :(
  • Appreciate all your efforts :)
  • So I have been married before and we went to Victoria's ! It was amazing, the food was awesome the staff was great I mean I can only say great things about them! Unfortunately the man I was marrying was not as great haha I am now engaged again and am looking at the skyline chapel at the Linq ! Not sure what to do about a reception. But I can tell you Victoria's was such a great choice !
  • Hi
    Thank you for your responses all. i ended up booking Victoria's Family Chapel
    There are awesome to work with. we also booked Bentley & Wilson for our photography/4 hrs - cant wait :)
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