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keeping baby breath fresh

We are going to order baby breath for center pieces and decorations at the ceremony from sams club and have them delivered probably the thursday (wedding on saturday). what is the best way to keep them looking fresh?

Re: keeping baby breath fresh

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    I'm not a flower person and don't know much about baby's breath but I ordered my wedding flowers (spray roses) from Costco and had them delivered on the same schedule as yours.

    As soon as you get them, trim the ends just a tiny bit if they look dry. I pulled out lots of heavy pots and filled them with water and stored them that way (the weight of the pot kept things from tipping over). I kept them in pots in the basement to stay cool until mid-day Friday. At that point, we took them to the venue, made up our very very simple centerpieces (our venue was awesome about that) and they stored them in their big fridges. They looked gorgeous and stayed beautiful for over a week.

    If you can't keep them in a fridge, I'd keep them in the coolest place possible and try to avoid cutting them down until the last minute.
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  • Is there any reason you can't have them delivered closer to your wedding day? I'd be worried that they wouldn't stay fresh.
  • its only 2 days early. I would rather them be there thursday then worrying all day on friday if they are going to make it in time. plus we are planning to have everything decorated and in the rights spots thursday and friday (flowers in the correct areas, they will be set out saturday on the tables. 
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