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Colorado Honeymoon at the end of October


We're thinking about going to Colorado for a week at the end of October for our Honeymoon. We like to hike as well as check out breweries and wineries. We'd also prefer it to be a little warmer (low-upper 60's) We're obviously looking for more of a romantic setting for our hotel/resort that we stay in. Any suggestions for towns to stay in or specific hotel/resorts to check out? We're also open to recommendations of other states to check out that are around the same temperature or warmer at that time.

Re: Colorado Honeymoon at the end of October

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    I fully recommend Pagosa Springs.  It is a great little town, in the very southern half of the state.  They have a bunch of breweries there as well!  Their big draw are the hot springs.  There are also great day trips that you can take from there.

    What is tricky is the end of October.  When we went, it was the last week of Oct and going into Nov.  We ended up with great weather.  It would frost overnight, but the temps got up into the 60s and lower 70s.  But we found out from locals that it was actually really luck with the weather because they typically have already had snow for the year.  So I would think a while on if Colorado in late October is what you both really want.  The more north you go in the state, the colder its potentially going to get.

    But, they have all of the hiking you could ask for.  You can drive about an hour and half and get to Mesa Verde national park.  It is utterly amazing and breathtaking!  To see how indigenous Indians lived under cliffs, well before the Native American tribes came along was astounding.  We also went on a rafting trip and saw lots of wildlife.  There is a train that runs from Durango (the next main town over and where the closest airport is) to a mountain town for day trips.  It does run seasonally and we missed out, but its on our list for when we return.  We did do the drive to the town and back.  We were on windy mountain roads, with beautiful vistas!

    We stayed at Wyndham Pagosa Springs.  There are lots of hotels.  We stayed with our timeshare, but I think they also rent out units.  The main hot springs are attached to a hotel (The Springs Resort), which is right in the center of town.  All of the hot springs are actually controlled pools and you must pay to use them.  The mother spring is so hot that they filter in cooler water to make the pools tolerable.  We went every day we were there and it was worth every penny!  We aren't hikers but did hikes most days, but after soaks in the hot springs, we had no sore muscles the next day!

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    I agree with @OliveOilsMom about the weather. I lived in the Denver area for a bit a few years ago. I arrived in early October and by the time we hit November, it had already snowed several time. The weather there is very unpredictable. It can snow in the morning and be sunny and warmer in the afternoon. Plus, this is Denver- as you go up into the mountains, it will be cooler and could potentially snow more often.

    I didn't travel around very much while living there because I would easily get altitude sick, but I do know that the Broadmoor in CO Springs is nice!


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    The weather is pretty unpredictable during that time.  2 years ago we were delayed because of a snow storm.  

    I live in the Aspen area. That time of year is considered "off season" in a lot of places.  Sometimes too cold (and muddy) for some activites, too warm for skiing/winter sports.  Although last year we could hike and bike well into Nov, it just varies year to year.  Good news for hotel rates, bad news for some activities, as some places are just closed (including restaurants).   

    In the southern part of the state will be better weather wise.  And more than likely will have more activities available. I haven't been Pagsoa Springs, but that is the area I would look into.   

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  • H and I went to Colorado on our honeymoon and loved it. We went in late April into early May, though, so for the time frame you're looking at I'm not much help.  That being said, we opted to do Colorado instead of, say, the Caribbean, because we wanted something mild and potentially snowy.  We spent one night in Denver, at the Oxford, which was fantastic, one night in Boulder at the Briar Rose B&B, which was also lovely, and then spent the rest of our time in Estes Park at Della Terra Mountain Chateau. We absolutely loved it. There was a day or two that we just stayed in our suite, ordered room service, and sipped champagne while soaking in the private hot tub on our balcony. Other days we went out and explored the surrounding areas, drove out to Longmont, etc. Della Terra is also right outside the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, which was amazing. We saw TONS of wildlife (turkeys, elk, deer, big horned sheep, etc.). There are several good breweries a short drive away, and the historic Stanley hotel is also in Estes Park, which was really cool (inspired the shining, also made an appearance in Dumb and Dumber...).

    I'd definitely recommend it, but like others said, just make sure the weather is what you're  wanting. Here's the links to a couple of the places we stayed. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.




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  • I live in far western Colorado.  By the end of October, the leaves on the Aspens are gone, but I might still have roses blooming.  There will be snow up on the Grand Mesa.  This is high desert country.
    This place is expensive, but very beautiful:

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