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Stuck on hastag

Any help on a wedding hashtag? We are getting married on black friday, and our last name will be Jenkins. 

So far all we can come up with is #blackfridaywhitewedding

Re: Stuck on hastag

  • Hmmm...I'm not sure about #blackfridaywhitewedding. It's a bit long, which always opens the possibility for misspellings...

    How about:


    Playing on the Thanksgiving timeframe: #ThankfulJenkins

    Or keeping it simple - which really helps people remember and use the hashtag: #JenkinsWedding2016

    Here are some others off the top of my head: 
    #MeetTheJenkins, #JoyfulJenkins, #JoinedAsJenkins...
  • kimmiinthemittenkimmiinthemitten Detroit, MI member
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    #JoiningJenkins has 0 posts on instagram.
    #MrandMrsJenkins2016 only has 23 posts.
    I like #justmarriedjenkins and #JoinedasJenkins above and both have 0 posts too.

    #blackfridaywhitewedding has 44.

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I vote for JustMarriedJenkins
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • Thank you guys so much for the help! I didn't even think to check instagram to see what is already used! 
    #JustMarriedJenkins seems like a good winner to me
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