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I'm about to request a quote for my flowers, but I have no idea where to start looking for what type. Floral isn't a priority for me, so ideally I just want a bouquet and button, plus something small as centrepieces. 
We have no theme or colour scheme. I can't work out what would look best with my dress, can anyone help? I'm guessing light colours. I'm open to anything except pink!

Here's the dress.


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    Pretty dress! I'm thinking calla lilies.
  • If you aren't picky, I would look on pinterest for general ideas (colours/styles) and then go to a florist to discuss. You can often save a lot of money if you buy in season and local flowers.
  • Florist will know best what flowers will be in-season and what will look good together. Send a couple example photos of things that catch your eye (or a Pinterest inspiration board), and he/she will be able to create a floral design for you. It's good that you're not picky about flower-types... that will save you $$$ 

  • Thanks everyone. I'm getting married in Vegas but live in the UK, I'm sure we will be able to sort something out over email though :) the wedding isn't until April.
  • I LOVE your dress - wow!

    So they'll want to basically know: 1) style (round, cascade, etc.) 2) type of flowers 3) size and 4) stem wrapping. If you don't really care, just tell them a round, small/medium bouquet with white satin wrapping and then send a few inspiration pics you like (google images) so they can get an idea of flower types (#2). Then ask them to give you a quote based on that. If it's too high, then ask what you could do to adjust it.

    I think this would look pretty with your dress (I just googled "rose peony bouquet"):


  • Thank you! Those are lovely, I'll add that to my Pinterest.
  • I was like you and didn't really care that much about (or know anything about) flowers so I sent pictures of things that caught my eye on Pinterest and asked for in season flowers. My florist also asked me what I didn't like (white roses, tulips, daisies) so if there are things you don't particularly like that can be just as helpful as things you do like. 
  • For some reason this dress is making me think of a bouquet with lots of greenery. Something like:

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    Ooh, that's gorgeous, @KatCtoKatA!
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    Since you aren't picky, that should save you money because the florist can go with in season flowers. Figure out a color and bouquet shape then ask florist's advice. For the wrap you could go blue satin for your "something blue" if you are doing that.
  • What a stunning gown!!! I am imagining a cascading bouquet of roses, hypericum, ranunculus, and eucalyptus:

  • First, tell your florist the budget they're working with!  Those "Small centerpieces" can add up in a HUGE hurry!  Start with a color you'd like the bouquets to center around, then do a simple google search of "(color) Bridal bouquets" and you'll get an idea of what shape you'd like...  Then work with your florist from there to get things within your budget.
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  • Agreed! I thought that since I didn't want the tall, huge centerpieces, they wouldn't cost too much. Small table arrangements are $60 each & candlescapes (with a few flowers) are $45, so it added up quickly. By comparison, though, the larger ones were $100-200 each.
  • Try something like this.
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